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health benifit of drinking water 18 Sep 2020

Alkaline water 101: What is alkaline water?

The latest fad in drinking water has brought the world around to another disputed option, alkaline water. However, the truth about alkaline water often evades people. In actuality, alkaline water has a higher pH level around 13, whereas normal drinking water has a neutral seven pH level. Additionally, alkaline water consists of alkaline minerals, nutrients, and negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential). ORP is what makes water particles more anti-oxidizing.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

It is claimed that the healing properties attributed to the best alkaline water emerge from its ability to neutralize acidity. However, it’s real healing properties might still be a myth. It is also claimed that it aids in decelerating bone loss, yet this has to be thoroughly researched and corroborated. Other myths circulating the medical world regarding alkaline water include its ability to halt heart diseases and cancer. Yet again, there is hardly any evidence to support these claims. Recent research concluded that alkaline water had reduced the blood’s viscosity in small sample size, thus positing a favorable outcome for those with diabetes and high blood pressure problems.

Side effects and risks of alkaline water

Alkaline water is considered mostly safe, but like all things that can be ingested, it has its side effects on individuals. Those who wish to and are looking forward to getting an alkaline water filter system fitted in their homes might want to give this list an overview. A lowered acidity of the stomach can be harmful to specific individuals resulting in an expulsion of unnecessary pathogens and bacteria. This lowering can, however, cause gastrointestinal issues to arise. Alkaline water can also further provoke sensitive skin, cause metabolic alkalosis resulting in vomiting, muscle trembling, indecision, prickling of facial muscles, and hand palpitations.

Natural or Artificial Alkaline Water

Sources of natural alkaline water include spring and river water that flows over rocks and picks up minerals. Major alkalizing minerals include iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. Natural alkaline water can cause problems as well. It can create hard water and can also cause health issues due to a rise in iron percentage. Artificial alkaline water is a result of electrolysis. Water ionizers result in alkaline water without bringing about the necessity to add unrestricted amounts of minerals. On the other hand, for this process to occur, the absence of contaminants in the water is a must.

Water Filtration System for Home

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Facts and Statistics about Drinking Water Filtration System for Home

WHO reports state that where too acidic water causes problems, so does too much alkalinity in water causes issues. Safe water is becoming a rare occurrence worldwide, pushing people to install alkaline water filtration systems for homes. For drinking, cooking, recreational purposes, water is a necessity. Contaminated water is becoming too common to cause an alarming global situation. Diseases most transmitted through water sources include diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. Alkaline water is increasingly becoming people’s choice of water. It is readily available in stores and can be made at home.

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

Our bodies are 60% composed of water. Water loss in the body results primarily from sweating and urine. To avoid dehydration, a certain level of water intake must be maintained. Water is required for multiple bodily functions. Survival without it is near impossible. Water not only expunges toxins from your body, but it additionally brings nutrients to cells, provides cushioning to joints, and aids in digestion. Lack of enough water in the body can result in dizziness, seizure, and a general loss of one’s bearings.

There is not an exact set amount of water that is necessary for everyone. The water intake that you must meet fluctuates from person to person depending on size, age, activity, where you live, and whether one has other illnesses. The best individual to reach out to for your body’s required water amount is your doctor and no one else. Generally, eight glasses of water every day are a must; if you are pregnant, this amount increases to nine or twelve. If you sweat a lot on a particular day, you will have to balance it out by drinking more water. If kids are playing outside in the heat, they need to drink more water than usual. Drinking alkaline water purifiers also meets your daily amount of water intake. However, other water sources aside from water to exist. For example, a healthy intake of fruits and vegetables, teas, and milk contribute to your water intake.

Can Alkaline Water Treat Cancer?

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One of the myths surrounding alkaline water includes its healing properties, particularly its ability to treat cancer. Where is the truth in that? It is claimed that alkaline water counters the acid present in our bloodstream. This causes an increase in our metabolism and affects our body’s capacity to absorb the necessary nutrients. A balanced pH level is also rumored to slowing and inhibiting cancer cells. This causes the cancer cells that might be present in your body to starve and not be provided an acidic environment to survive and grow.

Research does not corroborate and support this claim. It is understood that the body’s pH levels cannot be altered by ingesting and swallowing certain items or drinking a particular liquid. Cancer does not affect the pH levels of the body too alarmingly. Though cancer cells produce lactic acid, it is not enough to change the body’s pH level noticeably. You can drink alkaline water by installing water filters in Singapore. However, this might cause other problems, including stomach digestion issues. Where cancer cells cannot survive in high alkaline environments, so can’t your normal body cells. But the bottom line is that alkaline water cannot treat cancer. It is just a floating internet myth that should not be given much heed to.

Home Water Filtration System

Why You Should Use Water Filtration System at Home over Bottled Water

The overall cost of maintaining a steady use of bottled water is more expensive than a water filtration system for home, fitted once. It might be an initial heavy cost, but consider it an investment that will pay off later. The savings will only show themselves later onwards downs the months. The second most crucial issue with bottled water is the carbon footprint they leave behind due to the plastic used. This plastic is difficult to recycle and only increases the amount of waste on the planet. Cut down on the role you play in improving this planet’s pollution and install a water filter system in Singapore. You will additionally be saving yourself store trips and saving up on petrol. Bottled water companies often do not disclose where the water is sourced from and the contaminants it contains.

Types of Home Water Filtration System at Home

There are a couple of ways to get water filters for your home. The few options listed below can help one choose which one suits their needs best.

The entire house: These filters are constructed to hinder the pathway of harmful contaminants in every faucet. You get clean water for washing, showering, cooking, and drinking. These filters reduce chlorine, pesticides, and lead percentage in the water that you use daily. You can also go the extra mile and add a UV filter to reduce bacteria and viruses that might enter your house. These water filters ensure that all the water you use is safe and healthy.

Under the sink: Under the sink water filters for home are a great option. These are fitted underneath your kitchen sinks and only filter the water that comes out of there. These are super easy and quick to install and can be easily removed and taken from place to place. So if you often live in rentals, this is perhaps the best choice for you. These are also super easy to fit, and you won’t need to call for additional help. You can again try other advanced filtration systems, including reverse osmosis and alkaline water systems.

Countertop: If you are looking for an option that does not include installations and fittings, it is super cheap and quick, and then this is your safest bet. This provides tasty and healthy water, does not need to be permanently fitted, and takes only minutes to give you the desired result.

How to Choose the Best Water Filtration System at Home

Setting up a water filter system in Singapore requires your knowledge of the water you use and drink.

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You need to be exceptionally aware of the contaminants present in your water. You need to be mindful of the exact kind of filtration system that will expunge them from the water. Of course, you need to choose one according to your preference and desire.

One set and sure way of knowing your contaminants is sending them over to the lab for testing or consulting a water expert. Once you know what is in your water, get to know the different filters available. The first and most important one is perhaps the sediment filter.

Water Purification Systems

Water Purification System Working

The alkaline water purification system does not precisely purify the water. The alkaline water filter is one part of the water purification system. Alone it does not provide you with distilled water. Water purifiers online remove contaminants, microbes, and bacteria from the water by separating water into alkaline and acidic water. Alkaline water filters are often made from carbon or ceramic. Carbon and ceramic aid in removing unwanted elements and chemicals from the water. This process ensures that what you drink is safe, pure, and clean. Alkaline water treatment provides you with safe drinking water that is energizing, easily ingested, and rich in oxygen.

Differences Between Alkaline Water purifier & Reverse Osmosis Filters

Among the various water purification systems available to us today, the two most often confused and considered replaceable are Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline water purification. One of the reasons this confusion occurs is that people assume that alkaline water is always a result of an ionization process, but that is not the case.

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    1. The alkaline Water system does not require electricity

So what exactly is Reverse Osmosis? Reverse Osmosis is when a semi-permeable membrane filters out molecules, particles, and ions from the water. Hydraulic pressure is used to pump out water. Electricity is required in this process. On the other hand, the alkaline water purification system does not require electricity, making alkaline water more pocket friendly.

    1. Alkaline water does not remove minerals

Reverse Osmosis removes minerals from water when it removes contaminants, thereby not making the water super healthy. This can result in mineral deficiency and blood dilution. Alkaline water systems, on the other hand, add more minerals and electrolytes to your water. Water is the best and fastest source for the body to absorb minerals from.

    1. Alkaline water does not waste water

Due to the hydraulic pressure applied to the Water during Reverse Osmosis, a lot of the water is wasted while solid particles are being removed from the water. On the other hand, alkaline water does not waste water in pushing out solid particles.

Alkaline Water filters are not super huge and do not take up space. Whereas Reverse Osmosis water purification systems are enormous and require vast amounts of space to function

Alkaline Water, as the name suggests, filters out acidic water. Simultaneously, reverse Osmosis makes acidic water by removing the minerals and affecting the pH level.

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