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health benifit of drinking water 17 Feb 2020

Buying a water filter online is a tedious task, hours and hours of scavenging through catalogue after catalogue for water filters online whilst comparing prices is a surely a tiresome task. We at AmGlow care about all of these issues that the buyer faces and that is exactly why we strive and work hard to ensure absolute transparency & accountability with our customers. We care about your needs and that is why all the water filters we provide come with:

  1. Free installation
  2. Free delivery
  3. One year warranty
  4. Two week return policy
  5. Certified NSF/ANSI standard 58
  6. 100% BPA free (bisphenol A.)
  7. 100% Lead-free

We have three different water filters available online for home water purification and all three variants:

  • Eliminate 99% of all contaminants including bacteria, chlorine and other harmful metals/non-metals.
  • Have AMF filters that recuperate the optimum pH using calcite.
  • Come with lead free faucet and five filters.

Water Cleanser 4 Series

alkaline water filter

Weighing close to 8 kgs, the lowest model in our water cleanser series, water cleanser 4, purifies water to the highest of standards and leaves the consumer with pristine water. An order can be placed from your phone and we assure delivery and installation within 24 hours of placing the order. This water filtration Singapore system for home is a steal as majority of the water filters online have a stark contrast in prices and quality.


Water Cleanser 5 Series

water purifier online

Our intermediate model, while makes the water pristine and pure, also adds minerals to the water while producing top drinking quality alkaline water. Water filters can be ordered and we assure delivery and installation within 24 hours of placing the order. We also ensure round the clock technical support in case of any problems with the water filters.


Water Cleanser 6 Series

natural alkaline water

Our top of the line water filter that is available online. It adds minerals to the water whilst making the water pure and alkaline; the ultra filtration technology used removes any and all microorganisms leaving only the cleanest and healthiest water behind.

6 stages of filtration

1. The sediment filter at 5 micron level traps 99.9 % of particles including dust, mud, sand and rust leaving pure water free from particulate. The filter is made out of pure polypropylene and is the standard 10 inches in size. sediment filter
2.Granular activated carbon filters remove any dissolved organic compounds like chlorine to produce water that is odorless and turbid free. It possesses a coconut shell carbon and has long life filter technology embedded within alkaline water filter
3. Carbon block filter removes any additional impurities including cancer causing chemicals and the smallest particles that may cause contaminant. It comes with a five micron filtration. water filter singapore
4.Post carbon filter cleanses the water, eliminating all off-putting taste and odors. This makes sure that fresh quality water is ready & fit for consumption. water filter
5. Alkaline demineralization filter increases the pH value of water from 0.5 to 0.8 while rejuvenating the water by adding healthy minerals like calcium & sodium, giving an antioxidant boost to your body. Alkaline demineralization filter
6.State-of-the-art ultra filtration membrane, Hollow Fiber Technology removes any remaining germs and microorganisms. It does not require electricity to function, the byproduct after such extensive measures results in water cleaner than boiled water ultra filtration
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