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At AmGlow, we understand the need of our customer for safe and clean drinking water and we have had an excellent contribution so far in fulfilling this requirement of our clients to the fullest with our incredibly effective home water filtration system which will not only massively help in removing the impurities but also add an excellent taste and appearance to the drinking water. You can check our amazing water filters online by visiting our official website. We received many appreciations for the brilliant impact we have had on the water filtration system for home in Singapore. The excellent effectiveness, as well as the competitive pricing of our water filters, gives you enough reasons to buy the best water filter in Singapore from AmGlow.

Global Water 5 Series is best for home water filtration system. It follows fives phases of water filter system to make sure, each impurity is either fully removed or is within permissible limits. That’s why we say Global wagter 5 series is perfect water filter for home.

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Five Stages Of Alkaline Remineralization Filteration

Discover the most powerful detoxifying & purified with 5 Stage Alkaline Remineralization FILTER .

1st Stage

1st Phase

Sediment filter at 5 micron level traps 99.9 % of particles including dust, mud, sand and rust leaving clean water free from particulate.

2nd Stage

2nd phase

Granular activated carbon filter takes away dissolved organic compounds like chlorine to produce water that is free from odor, smell and turbidity.

3rd Stage

3rd Phase

Carbon block filter further removes any impurities including cancer causing chemicals and the smallest particles of contaminant.

4th Stage

4th Phase

Post carbon filter polishes the water eliminating all negative taste and odor ensuring quality fresh water that is ready for drinking.

5th Stage

5th Phase

Alkaline remineralization filter increases the pH value of the water slightly by 0.5 to 0.8 and at the same time rejuvenates the water by adding healthy minerals like calcium, sodium and potassium that are lost during the filtering process giving an antioxidant benefit to your body.

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