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Think of health and what crosses your mind first? Isn’t clean drinking water the most important thing in our lives? For most of us, it’s certainly something we can’t afford to live our lives without. Compromising with the quality of drinking water can lead to devastating outcome. The sad part of the story is the fact that even though a lot of us try to make sure we have a proper home water filtration system, only a few water filters actually work as they are supposed to. In fact, it’s pretty normal for someone to get deceived these days with so many vendors dealing with the same product in the market and furthermore, all of them apparently seem to be highly promising. At one point, it gets extremely difficult to decide on whom to believe and whom to not.

We are completely aware of the difficulties every consumer faces when it comes to choosing the best water filters which is why ever since we started, we have been striving at our best to make things unimaginably genuine and reliable for the customers. At AmGlow, we don’t just emphasize on selling our water filter system in Singapore but we care about knowing the actual requirement of our customers in terms of product and price. In fact, we have been persistently analysing the various aspects of water filter system in Singapore over the years and this has eventually turned out to be our greatest strength in comprehending the actual requirement of our various clients and serve them the right products. While some of the vendors are trying to sell their products by any means and most often, by deceiving the customers with false promises, we are focusing more on offering our customers with great value.

Over the years, we have been greatly able to identify the requirement of our various customers and provide them with the best water filter in Singapore. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have used our products over the past few years and found them highly effective and genuine. Most importantly, our persistent research in this field helps us offer our customers with the most cost effective water filter system for both homes and offices. By now, we have certainly attained a very reliable position and customers looking for a reliable water filter system don’t really have to wander much and AmGlow is a perfect place to find the most suitable water filters for every type of customers.

With AmGlow, things are always a lot more convenient for the customers and customers can now checkout our water filters online by simply visiting our official website and they may also place an order if they like to without having to all the way visit our store and the product will be delivered as well as installed within 24 hours. Another huge advantage that customers have with AmGlow is the fact that we have highly experienced technicians to assist you just in case you have any issue related to your water filters. You may give us a call anytime and our staffs will be at your door steps to fix your problem in no time.

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Five Stages Of Alkaline Remineralization Filteration

Discover the most powerful detoxifying & purified with 5 Stage Alkaline Remineralization FILTER .

1st Stage

1st Phase

Sediment filter at 5 micron level traps 99.9 % of particles including dust, mud, sand and rust leaving clean water free from particulate.

2nd Stage

2nd phase

Granular activated carbon filter takes away dissolved organic compounds like chlorine to produce water that is free from odor, smell and turbidity.

3rd Stage

3rd Phase

Carbon block filter further removes any impurities including cancer causing chemicals and the smallest particles of contaminant.

4th Stage

4th Phase

Post carbon filter polishes the water eliminating all negative taste and odor ensuring quality fresh water that is ready for drinking.

5th Stage

5th Phase

Alkaline remineralization filter increases the pH value of the water slightly by 0.5 to 0.8 and at the same time rejuvenates the water by adding healthy minerals like calcium, sodium and potassium that are lost during the filtering process giving an antioxidant benefit to your body.

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