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health benifit of drinking water 27 Apr 2021

Spending on a good water purifier or filter is more than just an expenditure! It’s one of the best investments you can make for your health. Water is, ultimately, the essence of life! From keeping your metabolism at the proper levels to fueling your hydration needs, it is a divine all-rounder. Besides, water can also help you save from certain intoxicants found in your system and allow them to be easily excreted.

Keeping all of these benefits in view, we think this is the best time to invest in a water purifier or filter. No matter if you want to initiate a daily hydration habit or simply want to keep up with eight glasses per day, a purifier or filter will help you make your dream come true.

Best water filters for drinking water

Although there are many options in the market, each guaranteeing safe and clean water, it gets challenging for a regular buyer to determine his best choice. However, let us make it easier for you.

When getting the best water filter Singapore residents must ensure that it can give you immaculate and pure water. The product must be able to get rid of light and heavy elements such as dust, sand, and rust while eliminating microbes such as bacteria which can cause diseases. Moreover, the water you get must be free from foul odors. This will ensure that you can keep up with all your hydration goals and treat your body with water alone, not external agents.

Best water filter in Singapore for drinking and cooking water

Your best water purifier will be one that provides water with various pH values. This ensures that one product can cater to all of your needs. If you want water for drinking, you can either set the pH level at alkaline or neutral and benefit from healthy, clean, and good-looking skin. Besides, best alkaline water will also help improve your immunity while slowing the aging processes.

Similarly, if you want water for medication, you can go for neutral pH to ensure that you are doing it the right way. As for acidic water, you can use it for tasks that entail cleaning.

Moreover, the right product must ensure that you don’t have to do any intensive maintenance on a regular basis, and your experience must be marked with zero hassles.

Best water filters in Singapore for well water

Water coming from wells is more prone to external agents such as metals, including iron, mercury, and copper. These can pose a substantial threat to your health. Therefore, the water filter for home you get should be able to eliminate such agents from it and ensure that you drink something that’s best for your well-being.

You should ensure that it doesn’t make the water taste bad and instead makes your experience worthwhile with easy installation and convenient use. Plus, a small filter can be great when you are low on space and want something that meets the basic needs.

Water filter system singapore

Common types of water filter technologies – factors that make them worth your time and consideration

Over the years, numerous water filter technologies have emerged to the surface and caught both attention and people’s approval. Today, when you head into the market, you will find all sorts of water filters marked with different technicalities. Since it can get quite cumbersome to decide what works the best, let us make it easier for you.

Reverse osmosis water filters

A reverse Osmosis Water filter is best when you are using water from the local municipality. It ensures that it will get rid of contaminants such as bacteria, nitrates, and fluorides using its highly selected membrane that allows small elements such as minerals to pass through, and anything external is stopped right at the spot.

This technology can use various other water filters such as UV and carbon filters and offer great benefits.

The downside to it is that it shouldn’t be used in areas with water scarcity as it wastes a lot of what it gets. However, when it comes to a water filtration system for home, it is an excellent option.

Ultra-Violet (UV) water filters

This filtration system uses ultraviolet light to kill various bacteria and microbes such as viruses. It is best used when complemented with other filtration technologies as it can eliminate external contaminants. All it does is remove microbial agents. It is effective in treating water from the ground that may have come in contact with harmful waste.

The downside to using it is that you still have to spend extra money on other filtration systems to get clean water, free from dust and such agents. Plus, the light source requires constant electrical power to run and can fail every year. Therefore, it requires a bit of maintenance too!

Distilled water filters

Distilled water filters use distillation to separate external solutes from water. Yes, we are talking about the same distillation you studied in your chemistry classes. Due to the process, water vapors, free from contaminants, are formed and cooled to obtain clean and pure water. It is a relatively inexpensive option to get the job done and is quite effective when removing bacteria.

However, the problem with distilled water filters is that they take considerable time to get running and give the water worth drinking. Adding to this is the fact that they demineralize the water as all the mineral salts needed by your body is removed.

Carbon water filters

Carbon water filters work by attracting contaminants. As the water flows, carbon in the form of a block or small particles bonds with external agents and removes them. The higher the quality of your product, the greater its effectiveness. Some carbon water filters can remove large, heavy metals too.

Moreover, these filters do a great job in removing chlorine and making your water taste good. With comparatively a tiny price tag, it gets you clean drinking water, even free of pesticides.

Just like every technology in the world, it has some disadvantages too. The primary downside is that it cannot get rid of nitrates and fluorides.

Ceramic water filters

Ceramic water filters are the most inexpensive solutions! They include multiple tiny pores that let small elements such as mineral salts pass through while contaminants such as dust, dirt, and rust are stopped. In such a simple and effortless way, you can obtain water that’s clean and pure. In this way, microbes such as bacteria are prevented from entering your body systems.

However, with this water filtration system Singapore buyers have remarked about the need to do cleaning on a very regular basis. Besides, this technology doesn’t get rid of any chemicals that may be found in water.

Best water filter Singapore

Some top health benefits of drinking water you should know about?

Drinking water is replete with benefits of all sorts. Let’s discuss some of those.

Accentuates memory and improves mood

Dehydration, as per researches and reports, is known to negatively impact mood and memory. It can make a person irritated or angry, and even you may have encountered such instances. And you may also have noticed how even a single glass of water can restore calm and positivity to you.

Therefore, you should be extra cautious with your water drinking habits to ensure that you are in the best mood and your mind works at its total capacity without headaches and migraines.

It helps you meet your exercise goals better

Dehydration is known to show its effects in the form of subpar exercise performance. Many athletes or people indulged in sports can conceive of this fact! Without proper water intake, your body feels incomplete and shows a diminished posture. However, the moment you take one glass, you feel energized more than ever before.

Thus, you should be consistent with your water intake to ensure that you give your best while working out in the gymnasium or playing in the field.

It helps keep your weight in check.

We aren’t kidding! As per researches, water can help one fight his sugar cravings and keep his weight in check. You can do this by having a glass before every meal, something which can stimulate your stomach to get full without having munched everything at the table! Doing this repeatedly can help you during your dieting routines, as well as everyday life.

Moreover, your brain cannot differentiate hunger from thirst; therefore, you can pacify its urges without having to eat that KFC burger!

Improves urinary system

Proper water intake can improve the health of the urinary system. Bladder and several urinary tract infections are a result of inadequate water intake. Therefore, fueling your body with regular intake can reduce such infections and help eliminate intoxicants from the body.

Save from constipation

Kids who aren’t regular with their water intake suffer from constipation. This is because it gets difficult for the waste material to move through the digestive tracts. Therefore, proper hydration means adults and kids can protect themselves from occasional constipation.

In the verdict, be wise with what you purchase!

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