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blog-img 23 Apr 2022

How Do Alkaline Water Filters Work?

It’s a fairly common perspective that alkaline is better than regular drinking water. Drinking regular tap water keeps you hydrated which is important for normal body functioning, productivity, memory, and energy level. On the other hand, drinking alkaline water not…

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blog-img 5 Apr 2022

Types of drinking water filters

Consuming tap water isn't safe as it contains millions of unwanted harmful particles, that can be hazardous to our health. That's why it is better to consume filtered water, which eliminates all the unwanted particles from the water and makes…

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blog-img 9 Feb 2022

What are the health benefits of drinking filtered water?

Water is a blessing that regulates body functions and ensures to keep it in good health. Drinking a clean and adequate amount of water is important for our survival and health. With water purification systems installed in your home, you…

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blog-img 28 Dec 2021

Which is a better water filter or water purifier?

We are all aware of the necessity of safe drinking water. Whether we drink or use it to clean ourselves with, unclean water is ineffective and can make us very sick. There are several ways to guarantee clean water for…

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blog-img 8 Dec 2021

What is the difference between artificial and naturally alkaline water?

If we talk about alkaline water then it has various health benefits such as regulating pH, slowing down the aging process, prevent from chronic diseases, keeping your heart healthier, and much more. But when it comes to choosing alkaline water…

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blog-img 7 Sep 2021

How to choose a Top quality water filter for your home

Bear in mind that the majority of brands contain a variety of filter kinds. While salespeople may assist you in making a good pick, you must know that they are occasionally compensated to promote a particular brand. Before purchase, you…

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