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blog-img 10 Apr 2020

Ensure That The Water You Drink Is Safe And Healthy For You

There is no way we can survive without drinking water. Water is an essential commodity for life and this is one of the reasons why all the earliest civilizations started on the banks of rivers. This ensured them a regular…

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blog-img 14 Mar 2020

Know What Your Water Filter Must Have

It is known that the tap water that you get cannot be consumed without first removing the contaminants in it. A water filter is the best solution for the problem. Water filters will help you remove the impurities in the…

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blog-img 4 Mar 2020

Why Do You Need A Water Filtration System At Home?

It is generally assumed that if you are living in a developed country the water that comes through the taps is safe for drinking. Unfortunately, this is not true. There are several contaminants in the water that comes through your…

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blog-img 17 Feb 2020

AmGlow: Water Filter Solutions

Buying a water filter online is a tedious task, hours and hours of scavenging through catalogue after catalogue for water filters online whilst comparing prices is a surely a tiresome task. We at AmGlow care about all of these issues…

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blog-img 28 Jan 2020

Drink Water That Is Pure And Healthy

There is no doubt that water is essential for life. It is not just humans that need water but also all the living beings on the earth. There is a great concern about the water that people are getting for…

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blog-img 16 Jan 2020

Buying The Ideal Water Purification System For Your Home

It is quite evident that every home requires a water filter that can supply an unlimited quantity of pure water for your consumption. Water filters are not new and there have been many products that have come to the market.…

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