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blog-img 2 Aug 2021

What are the best water filters for home use?

You can never control the quality of the tap water reaching your homes unless you have a water filter system installed. Do you also consume tap water and are currently unsatisfied with the quality of water and planning on getting…

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blog-img 18 Jun 2021

What is Alkaline Water, and is it fruitful for my Health?

In recent times, health has become one of the biggest concerns for human life. It can positively or negatively affect all aspects of your life, including academic, mental, physical, and emotional. More than ever before, people are investing in their…

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blog-img 8 May 2021

The Best Water Filters For Your Home

You can never trust tap water as it may contain harmful contaminants. And when these contaminants become part of your body, they cause illness. Would you compromise on the health of you and your family members? We know your answer,…

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blog-img 27 Apr 2021

Best Water Purifiers & Water Filters in Singapore

Spending on a good water purifier or filter is more than just an expenditure! It's one of the best investments you can make for your health. Water is, ultimately, the essence of life! From keeping your metabolism at the proper…

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blog-img 10 Mar 2021

Why you should choose an alkaline water purifier for your home?

Water is the heart of a body’s proper functioning. Adding to a substantial aggregate in the body’s mass, water ensures an isotonic condition, letting the metabolic requirements be put in the optimal threshold. This colorless fluid has a spectrum of…

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blog-img 4 Feb 2021

Whole House Water Filters

Water is a vital component to all living organisms, and it makes up more than two-thirds of the human body. Human lungs are made up of 90% water, the human brain is 95% water, and blood is 82% of water.…

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