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Why Purified Water?

Why is purified water so important? Clean drinking water is a basic commodity that every person should have. Most of the time, people living in developed countries tend to assume that tap water is safe to drink and thus do not install a home water purification system. However, this could not be further from the truth. While clean water can be found in many countries, pure water is nearly impossible to find. This is because tap water does not come directly from its source – instead, it travels from large storage tanks through pipes to reach every home. For apartment blocks, the water is usually also stored in additional tanks on top of each block before being supplied to each unit. Along the route the water takes to reach you, it gets treated with various chemical processes to remove any contamination. Sediments in the water are filtered out and removed, while disinfectants, such as chlorine, are added to kill any harmful organisms in the water.

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At Amglow, we frequently have people asking: if the water is being treated and cleaned already, why should I still buy a water purifier? Well, although there are water purification systems in place at water treatment plants, the resulting tap water is still not pure enough for drinking. The water may include all sorts of contaminants, including good contaminants such as minerals as well as harmful contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. Some of these substances may have dissolved into the water and the water treatment plant processes are insufficient to remove them. Harmful contaminants can come from sources such as pesticides that have seeped into the ground. Water can also contain traces of lead from the underground pipes that it travels through, as well as arsenic from the naturally high concentrations in the deeper levels of groundwater. These contaminants are common in many urban areas all over the world, and substance poisoning through water intake occurs on a regular basis. Which is why more and more consumers are looking to buy a water purifier to make sure that the water they ingest are free of harmful microorganisms.


Effects of Harmful Contaminants

Ingesting harmful contaminants can be extremely detrimental to your health. It is imperative that harmful contaminants be removed before the water is consumed, or you may experience stomach upset and nausea. Even worse, if you ingest heavy metals through tap water for a long period of time, your liver and kidney can be adversely affected – possibly leading to cancer.

Unfortunately, the only way to be safe from the dangers of tap water is to use purified water instead. This can be done by buying bottled water for all of your daily needs, but this is of course very costly in terms of money and storage. Furthermore, it is not environmentally friendly to use so many plastic bottles in daily consumption. The alternative is to invest in a good water purification system, which is an economical way to get a reliable source of pure drinking water. A water purifier for home use can be easily connected to your tap and provide you and your family with a continuous supply of pure water, without the worry that you may ever suffer a shortage of purified water.

Alkaline Water

Ever since we started, we always tried our best to comprehend the actual requirement of our various customers and we are pretty much aware that different customers have different requirement which is why we offer a wide range of home water purification systems in terms of models and price so that customers have no difficulty in finding the most suitable water purifier for home at the best water purifier price.

Well, if you are already shopping for a water purifier online, why settle for the bare minimum when you can nourish your health even further? Get more than pure water by installing an alkaline water purifier, such as the ones Amglow offers. Natural Alkaline water is proven to have a myriad of health benefits, including slowing the aging process, reducing the effects of acid produced in our bodies and reducing gastric reflux. Getting a suitable alkaline water purifier at a reasonable cost can give you the priceless benefit of optimum health, leading to a happier and healthier life for you and your loved ones. Contact our customer care hotline and get your water purifier online today, our water purifiers are priced reasonably for every home and family!

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Want to buy a water purifier online? Refer to our FAQs below to make the right choice.

1Which product should I choose?

There are various technologies that can be found in the market. When choosing a water purification system, it is best to first familiarize yourself with all the options available out there and then decide which one suits your needs.

2Is it challenging to install the equipment?

Not at all. All the water purification systems we offer are very DIY friendly, and we also provide installation services for FREE!

3Is there a water treatment system for the entire home?

Yes, there are many products in the market that go by the name of home water purification systems. These systems treat water to make them cleaner and drinkable for the entire home.

4How much energy does a purifier consume?

The primary energy consumption occurs in the dispenser, taking up to 480W. It also consumes about 1W to charge the lights.

5Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes, all our product comes with 1 year warranty. Extended warranty can also be purchased.

6How often do I need to clean my water purifier?

This depends upon the filter usage and quality. If you feel that the purifier does not seem clean your water anymore, it will be best to get it cleaned for hygienic purposes.

7Can I return the products?

The return policy depends upon the warranty of the products.

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