Buying The Ideal Water Purification System For Your Home

health benifit of drinking water 16 Jan 2020

It is quite evident that every home requires a water filter that can supply an unlimited quantity of pure water for your consumption. Water filters are not new and there have been many products that have come to the market. Companies that are keen on the health of the people of Singapore have done continuous research on what would be the ideal home water filtration system which gives you pure and healthy water. The product should be affordable to all. It should be easy to install and shouldn’t occupy much space considering that most kitchens in Singapore are already cramped with many items. Let us look at what the ideal water filter should have.

Filters Are The Most Important Parts In The Home Water Filtration System

There is no doubt that filters are the most important part of the water purification system. There are impurities of various kinds in the water that we get through our taps. There are those that you can see with your eyes and those that are not visible. The sedimentary impurities will include dust, rust, and sand. These contaminate the water at various places. The dust and sand are mixed with the water at the source itself. Water is stored before it is being sent to your homes and these can get mixed there. They can also mix with the water at your home storage tanks. Rust usually comes from the pipes that carry the water to your home.

This makes it important that there must be one filter that removes all the sediments from the water. The ideal water filter will have a filter that traps everything that is bigger than 5 microns. This filter usually is enclosed in a polypropylene container and is ten inches long. This can remove all the particulate impurities from water. But this filter will not be able to remove the dissolved organic impurities that occur in the water.

Make The Water Free From Bad Odor And Taste

A general complaint that you hear from most people using tap water is the bad smell that is present in the water. Those who have dared to taste the water will tell you how bad the water tastes. One of the main reasons for the bad smell is the chlorine that is mixed in the water. Chlorine is normally added to water to kill the organisms that occur in it. But it doesn’t guarantee you water free from these organisms. On the contrary, chlorine adds to the harmful effects on your body.

Chlorine can cause many problems like respiratory disorders and irritation of the skin. There are also other serious issues like more chances of suffering from bladder cancer with a continuous intake of chlorinated water. The ideal water filter for the home should be able to remove chlorine from the water. It should have an activated carbon filter that will prevent the chlorine from passing through. This will remove the bad taste and smell of the water. This filter will also remove the dissolved organic compounds and remove the turbidity from the water.

Preventing Heavy Metals From Getting Into Your Body

Many heavy metals get mixed in the water. Lead is one of the most common impurities found in drinking water. Most of the steel pipes that are used to bring water to your homes contain lead. This lead will pollute the water. Lead is very harmful to your body. Continuous use of such water can cause serious problems for your liver and kidneys. There are also other heavy metals like zinc and arsenic which pollute the water. They get added to the water at the groundwater stage itself.

Your filter must have a carbon block filter to prevent these metals from entering your body. The carbon block filter can stop the smallest impurities from passing through. The filter is made fully from coconut shell carbon and hence contains no chemicals. It can not only remove the chemicals but also makes the water clear. It will remove whatever remaining distaste.

The water filter is provided with an additional post carbon filter to ensure that there is nothing left behind in the water that could be harmful to your body. Once the water passes through this filter it is fit to drink and will have the good taste of pure water that you get from the springs.

Bacteria And Other Microbes Must Be Removed Too

It is not enough that the harmful chemicals and metals are removed from the water. Water that is stored and supplied to you can contain various harmful bacteria and viruses. The E. Coli is a common bacterium found in drinking water. There are also viruses and protozoans which commonly occur in tap water. These cannot be killed or removed completely by boiling. This is why your home water purification systems must have the means to remove these.

The ultrafiltration membrane in the home water filters does the job. It can stop all the microorganisms from passing through it. This can give you water that is purer than boiled water. This way you don’t have to worry about any illnesses.

A water filter with the above features is the most suitable one for your home.

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