Don’t Compromise On The Quality Of Drinking Water

health benifit of drinking water 22 Apr 2020

Everyone knows that a lot of diseases spread through drinking water. This is the reason why all government agencies try their best to provide safe drinking water to their citizens. This is also the reason why people also take a lot of care in the case of drinking water. Most of us also know that the water that is available through the taps are not safe enough for drinking. Despite being treated at the water storage facilities, all impurities in the water are not removed completely. You cannot take the risk and drink the water that comes through your tap. This is why there is a search for a way to get an unlimited supply of drinking water.

Every household needs a good quantity of water for their drinking and cooking purposes. This water must be devoid of all contaminants and safe for your health. Additional care must be taken in houses where there are children and elderly people. They are the ones that are more prone to diseases as their immune systems are not very strong. Buying bottled water is an option. But the cost and the need for storage spaces make it an unviable choice. The best way to ensure a continuous supply of pure drinking water is a water filter. You can search for a water purifier online and decide on which one is most suitable for you.

Know The Contaminants In Tap Water

If you want to buy a water purifier in Singapore you must know what it must purify. This means that you must know the contaminants that can be in your tap water. The impurities that you can see and what makes the water cloudy are the dirt, sand, and rust. These contaminants get mixed with the water at the storage tanks or on the way to your homes. The pipes can contain rust as they are made with steel. Even the pipes that are made rust-proof will start rusting as water continuously flows through them. These large particles must be completely filtered.

Most of us have experienced bad taste and odor in tap water. The culprit behind this is chlorine. It is a chemical that is added to water to disinfect it. But this adds a bad taste and smell to the water. Chlorine can also become dangerous to our health when it gets mixed with other chemicals. There are also other dissolved inorganic chemicals in the water. These get mixed at the source when chemicals flow from various sources and seep down to the groundwater. The chemicals can cause very serious health problems like damage to your kidneys and liver. When you buy the water filtration system for the home you must make sure it can remove all these chemicals.

Your Filter Must Remove Harmful Germs

It is not enough to remove the chemical contaminants in the water. One of the most dangerous contaminants of tap water is the bacteria and viruses that spread through it. They are the reason for various illnesses. The best home water filtration system should filter these germs and ensure that the water is free from them. Only then can you be sure of drinking water that will not cause any harm to you.

What Filtration System Should The Water Purifier Have?

We have now seen the contaminants that are mixed with the tap water. It is time to see what filters the ideal water purifier must have. When you search for water filters online look whether they have a sediment filter to remove the large particles. This should form the first stage of filtration. Once the large particles are prevented from flowing through, they will not damage the more sensitive filters in the next stages.

An activated granular carbon filter should be present to remove chlorine and other organic compounds from the water. this will remove the smell and bad taste. The activated carbon has very small pores in them that will not allow the chemicals to pass through. This will also remove the turbidity from the water. To prevent the dissolved inorganic chemicals from passing through there must be a carbon block filter. This prevents particles up to 5 microns to be filtered. All harmful chemicals and heavy metals will be removed at this stage.

The on tap water purifier must have an ultrafiltration membrane that will prevent bacteria and viruses from passing through. This filter can stop particles as small as 0.2 microns in size. Once the harmful germs are stopped you are safe from diseases.

Such a water filter must also have filters that have a long life so that you don’t have to change them quite often. The filter must be conveniently installed in the kitchen without causing any hindrance.

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