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health benifit of drinking water 9 Jan 2020

Nobody can deny the importance of drinking water. Water is such a naturally occurring item that is freely available in most places. It helps not just humans, but also all the living beings on the earth to live. Without water, most of us cannot live for a long time. Water performs a variety of functions in our bodies. Everyone knows that our body consists of almost 60% water. There are different opinions about how many glasses of water we should drink and at what times it should be consumed. But there is no dispute about the fact that water is essential for our body and that it has multiple advantages. It keeps us healthy and active. This is why we should have an unlimited supply of pure water and for this, we must buy the best water purifier available in Singapore.

Your Physical Performance Depends On Water Consumption

One of the worst side-effects of not consuming enough water is a decrease in physical performance. As you know the body can lose water during any activity through sweat. This is especially true if the activity is severe. There can be an effect on the performance of your systems in the body if there is a slight loss of water as small as 2%. In the case of athletes, they can sometimes lose up to 6% of their weight of water through sweating. This loss can cause serious consequences and also affect their physical performance.

When the body is dehydrated, the temperature of the body rises. People will feel less motivated for any physical activity when there is less water content in the body. You will feel more tired when there is water loss. You can also feel mentally strained when the water content in the body is reduced. To avoid all these, you must drink enough water and keep the body hydrated. All these happen because 80% of your muscle is water. Staying hydrated can help to maintain your physical performance.

Loss Of Water Can Affect Your Brain Function

It has also been noticed in studies that your brain also gets affected by the loss of water. Even a mild water loss of between 1% and 3% of the body weight can affect the functioning of your brain. It was noticed that the mood and concentration in women were affected greatly with a water loss of around 1.35% after exercise. In a similar study in men, it was noticed that there was a considerable increase in anxiety and they suffered memory loss with 1.59% water loss. This means that proper brain function also requires regular water intake.

Drinking water regularly is also known to have many good effects on your health. Regular intake of water is known to prevent the occurrence of a headache. In many patients suffering from certain types of headaches, there was a marked reduction in the pain when they drank water. As we know, drinking water will help in regular stools. Constipation can be greatly reduced by drinking water regularly. Kidney stones can cause severe pain. Doctors advise regular water intake for such patients because it will flush out the minerals which are likely to form stones.

Get The Best Water Purifier To Get Regular Supply Of Pure Water

It is now quite evident that everyone needs a regular supply of water to take care of their drinking water requirements. Though there is ample availability of water in Singapore through the taps, this doesn’t satisfy the requirement of drinking water. This is because the water available through the taps is contaminated with various pollutants. It cannot be consumed without first purifying it properly. Drinking the water without removing the contaminants can lead to illness. Instead of keeping us healthy this water could make us sick.

It is because of this reason that there is a high demand for water filters in Singapore. Though you can buy many water filters online you must select the one that can give you pure water that is not just safe but also healthy for you. This means that the filter must not just remove the impurities but also add some things that will make it healthy for you. There are water purifiers in Singapore that can give you water containing the essential minerals that are naturally found in water. Other filters will remove these minerals during the filtration process. This water purifier can also give you alkaline water which has been proven to be healthier than regular water.

The Benefits Of The Water Purifying System

Why do you need a water purifier when you can get bottled water which is already purified? The main reason is that water purifier will work out much cheaper than regularly buying bottled water. With a water purifier, there is only the initial investment and changing of filters when needed. In the long run, this will be more economical than buying bottled water. You can continuously get a supply of pure water with the water filter system in Singapore.

Another advantage is that the purifier gives you alkaline water which also contains the necessary minerals. This means that you are getting the water that is much healthier at a much lesser price. Bottled water also needs a lot of storage space whereas the water purifier can be fixed beneath your sink.

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