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health benifit of drinking water 28 Jan 2020

There is no doubt that water is essential for life. It is not just humans that need water but also all the living beings on the earth. There is a great concern about the water that people are getting for drinking. Most of the water that is available through public supply is contaminated. The efforts of the authorities to remove the impurities don’t seem to be working well. The water that comes from the taps is not pure and safe for drinking. There are several pollutants and you must purify it before drinking. But isn’t it better to go one step more and get not just pure water, but the water that will improve your health? The alkaline water filter is the ideal choice that combines features to purify the water while also making it alkaline to improve your health.

The Benefits Of Buying An Alkaline Water Filter

The alkaline water filter raises the pH of water slightly to make it alkaline. The tap water is slightly acidic due to the contamination. Already the body produces a lot of acidic juices. The body needs a balanced pH value and the acidity is not healthy for the body. Too much acidity is the reason for many diseases. Acidity also promotes faster oxidation which is one of the reasons for cell destruction and aging. Reducing the acidity in the body has many benefits and this is what alkaline water does.

Alkaline water also helps to reduce acid reflex which can cause ulcers in your food tract. Alkaline water kills pepsin, the enzyme responsible for breaking the food we eat and causing acid reflex. Alkaline water hydrates your body better because the molecules are smaller and can penetrate cell membranes to enter all the cells in our body. Alkaline water is known to improve your immunity. It also helps to flush out toxins in a better way. Because of the antioxidant properties, it doesn’t allow the growth of free radicals which can destroy cells.

Purity Of Water Is As Important As Being Healthy

It is not enough that your water is alkaline if it contains contaminants. The best alkaline water purifier must do an excellent job filtering out all the contaminants in the water. Your tap water contains many chemicals and harmful organisms that must be filtered. For this purpose, the water purifier contains many filters. This helps to completely remove all the harmful substances that are found in the water. The solid particles like sand, dust, and rust are removed by a sediment filter before the water can flow to the other filters.

The activated granular carbon filter removes chlorine from the water. Chlorine is added to water to disinfect it. But it can cause serious damage to your health. Moreover, the bad smell and taste of tap water come from the dissolved chlorine. When the chlorine is removed the bad odor and taste are also gone. The next filter removes the other dissolved chemicals which can cause cancer. Some chemicals contaminate the water at the source. The ideal water purifier will have an extra filter to remove all the chemicals and bad taste.

Removing The Germs And Adding Minerals

It is not just enough to remove the chemical and other contaminants. Harmful germs must be removed from the water. There are bacterial and viruses in the water that can cause illnesses. Water contamination has been a major reason for causing diseases in people. Bacterial can cause problems like diarrhea and vomiting. These must be removed. There must be an ultra filtration membrane which can effectively remove the harmful organisms from the water.

Freshwater that we get from streams or other sources flows through rocks collecting essential minerals from them. These minerals get mixed with the water and are very beneficial for our health. But many filters will filter out these minerals also when purifying the water. Hence, it is essential to find a water purifier that will charge the water with these minerals which are nutritional for our body. Minerals like Calcium, Potassium, and Sodium should be available in the water that you drink.

Buy An Affordable Water Purifier That Is Easy To Install And Maintain

One of the top features of the alkaline filter that you buy must be the affordability. It must be reasonably priced so that it can be purchased by everyone. In any case, installing a water purifier is the most economical way to get an unlimited supply of pure and healthy drinking water. Bottled water is expensive and can occupy a lot of space in your home. The water purifier that you buy must be installed unobtrusively in your kitchen.

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