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#Frequently asked questions

Everything You Need To Know About Alkaline Remineralization System's Working, Installation And Usage.

How Effective Is Your Water Filter Systems In Cleaning Water?
All our water filter systems are able to remove up to 99% of contaminants such as chlorine, germs, lead, bacteria etc. Our 6-Stage Water Filter System with Alkaline and Ultrafiltration would be able to eliminate other microorganisms with our ultrafiltration technology
Is Your Water Filter Systems Certified?
All our water filter systems are certified by NSF International which is the number 1 regulator for water treatment products. We also ensure all our systems are made with 100% BPA-free and lead-free materials.
Why Is Your Water Filter Systems Cheaper Than Other Similar Water Filters Out There?
Instead of representing overseas brands which are often overpriced, we work directly with leading and certified manufacturers in the water industry. We come up with products of our own that are most suitable and practical for each geographical market, eliminating any unnecessary costs. We believe at Amglow, that it is everyone’s right to enjoy affordable, clean and healthy water.
How Often Do I Need To Replace My Water Filters And How Much Does It Cost?
We recommend our customers to change their filters every 12 months.
For the cost, it depends on whether you are replacing the water filters for our 4-Stage, 5-Stage, 6-Stage Undersink Water Filter Systems or Dispensers. Prices range from $150 to $290 and this includes our technician coming to your home to replace the water filters for you.
Are There Any Warranty Or Return Policy?
 We have complete trust in our water filter systems so we do extend a 12 months warranty on all of our products. In addition, we have a 14 days return policy if you are not satisfied due to any reason with our water filter systems.
Why Does Amglow Only Have Hot And Room Temperature Option Available For The Tabletop Water Dispenser?
Due to space constraints within the dispenser, in order to fit 4 full sized filters, a compressor and cold water tank cannot be included.
What Are The Minerals That Can Be Found In Amglow's Alkaline Filter?

5 minerals: Calcium, Silica, Potassium, Magnesium, and Bicarbonate

Is Drinking Alkaline Water Suitable/safe For People In Medication?
 Yes, however Alkaline filter can be replaced with carbon block filter (for dispenser models), or replaced with Ultrafiltration filter (for Undersink models), if customers are not comfortable with the idea of having Alkaline water with medication.
What Is The Ph Of Amglow's Alkaline Water?
pH 8.5-9 , Suitable for all to drink.
What Is The Difference Between Amglow And Other Brands Of Alkaline Water Filter System?
AmGlow’s filtration system REMINERALISE water in the most natural and organic way, whereas some in the market uses electrolysis, which is also priced higher.

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