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health benifit of drinking water 28 Dec 2019

Do you get water that is natural and pure? The answer is no because we no more get water that is pure even if it is taken from natural resources. They are getting contaminated in various ways. However, water from the underground springs and rain is pure which means that they are not contaminated. But water from the underground springs also contains certain minerals which are useful for our body. These dissolve in the water from the rocks where the water occurs. These are minerals are good for our body. As bottled water which contains these minerals can be expensive, people buy water purifier that can give us pure water. But many of them remove the essential minerals mixed in the water too.


Why Should We Buy Water Purifier That Can Give Water With Minerals?

Is it not enough that we buy a water filter than can remove all the contaminants from the tap water and give us pure water? The answer is no because the minerals mixed in the water should not be removed. These are minerals that are essential to our bodies. A deficiency in these minerals can cause various kinds of illnesses to the body. If there is a lack of these minerals then we may have to take them as supplements. If we can get these with the water that we drink, then it is a natural way of consuming the minerals and keeping ourselves healthy.

Minerals are elements that are naturally occurring in the earth. They are not produced by any living organism which is why they are called inorganic chemicals. They are found in the rocks through which the water passes as they flow from below the ground. These minerals get mixed with water and that is what gives the water the nutritional qualities. The water that comes from the natural sources may also get mixed with other chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. This is why we need the best water filter in Singapore which can remove the harmful chemicals from the water and give us water that contains minerals. The tap water that we usually get come from groundwater sources and are treated only for harmful microbes. But the harmful chemicals are not removed.

Useful Minerals That Occur In Water

Natural water contains minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium. The presence of sodium is not always preferred as it can become a health problem if it is consumed in excess. Many of the filters tend to remove all the minerals, especially magnesium and calcium because they are the reason for the hardness of the water. But they are also essential for our body and we can get a fairly good amount of these minerals from the water. This is why you must buy a water purifier that will not remove the minerals completely from the water.

It is very common knowledge that calcium is very much needed for the body. Calcium is very useful for the strength of our bones. Sufficient consumption of calcium can prevent serious conditions like osteoporosis. It can also prevent hip fractures which are common among people with calcium deficiencies. Magnesium is known to improve the health of our hearts. Though it is available through various food items, it is more easily absorb able when it is taken with water. This is because they exist in the ionic form in the water.

Why Do You Need A Water Purifier?

If these minerals are available in water that comes through your tap why do you need a water filter at all? As we have seen already many other chemicals get mixed with water that comes through the taps. Among these, there are heavy metals that also mix with the water from the ground sources. Metals like Arsenic and Zinc can get mixed with water from the ground. These can come from natural sources or get mixed with the water because of the use of fertilizers and pesticides on the soil. Lead is another metal that is dangerous for our body and is mixed in the water from the metal pipes used for transport of water to our homes.

When you buy a water purifier online you must take care to see that it has the necessary filters that will prevent the harmful chemicals from coming through the tap. The chemicals remain dissolved in the water and only a good filtration process can remove them. The water purifiers that contain carbon block filters can remove the dissolved inorganic chemicals and make water good enough for drinking. The water purifier must also be able to remove chlorine which is added at the water distribution center to disinfect the water. Chlorine can give a bad smell and taste to the water and can also be harmful to our body.

Other features in the water purifier should include the removal of harmful organisms. The water purifier must also remove all the suspended particles and sediments in the water. The taste and smell of the water should be pleasant for drinking.

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