How Do You Recognize The Best Water Filtration System For Home?

health benifit of drinking water 11 Nov 2020

We all need filtered water. But filtered water requires a good filtration system. How do you know if your faucet is sufficient to provide you with safe water? How can you recognize if you need a full-fletch water filtration system or if an activated carbon filter will be better for us?

There goes a lot into determining the type of system you need. From the water pressure and biochemical properties of the water to your budget, you need to think about the various factors that can influence your choice of the filtration system.

But first, you should know the options available to you. In the following blog, we will take you through all the different types of water filter systems available out there, so you can decide which system is better for you. Let’s dig in:

Popular & Common Types of Water Filter Systems

There are numerous types of water filter systems you can find in the market. This blog highlights some, but the most popular ones.

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Water Filter Pitcher

The water filter pitcher is quite common across the households in the country. The pitcher is used by many people because of how simple it is to use it. The pitcher basically has two parts. The center of the upper half consists of a filter that consists of activated carbon. The water has poured in this part to be treated.

The filtered water eventually drops down to the lower part of the container from where the water can be drawn. The limited capacity of the water filter pitchers makes them useful only for purifying drinking and cooking water. Yet, they are very safe to use. The best part about water filters is that they are incredibly portable and cost significantly less amount.

Faucet Water Filter

This filter system is basically a small device that can be installed right on the faucet. It helps remove the contaminants in the water before it is drawn out, eventually leaving fresh water for washing and cooking.

The faucet filters are not that expensive, which is why they can be easily installed across the households. They are particularly useful in improving the taste and smell of tap water, especially in areas where the water is comparatively clean and safe. It is also easy to install. However, it may have a very low flow.

Countertop water filter

These water filters can help purify the tap water in a convenient way, as there is no need to fill and empty the jug when using this system. These filters are basically small devices that are connected with the faucet to purify the water when the tap is on. Many countertop filters come with their own faucets as well.

However, this filter system takes quite a whole lot of space on the countertop, and therefore, they might not be the best when you have small countertops. Despite this, they work very fast and provides more filtration than a primary faucet filter.

Whole House Water Filter System

This system is considered one of the best water filters in Singapore. This system is found in households where tap water might not be available. In this way, this system is basically fixed at the water tank. It is connected to the main pipe, and accordingly, the water is purified before it can be distributed and used across the house.

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However, this filter system is quite expensive and requires professional support when it comes to installation. Regardless of this, the system can also save a lot on cleaning the water in the long term by efficiently removing numerous contaminants from the water.

Water Filter System: Popular Methods & Mechanisms

Water filter systems use various methods and mechanisms to perform their functions. Below, we have highlighted some of them:

Water Distillation

Distillation refers to the process of water purification having high efficiency. The process basically involves boiling off the water into steam. The steam then runs through a condenser surrounded by cold water, which cools down the steam and turns it into a liquid. This liquid is then collected into a clean container.

This method is usually applicable in countertop distillers. It can remove much of the contaminants and bacteria. It can enhance the smell and taste of the water as well. However, it takes a long time to effectively clean the water.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse osmosis refers to the process of water filtering that allows the water to pass through a membrane having small pores. The pores make it possible for the water to easily pass through water without letting any contaminants get in. In this way, the water collected at the end has no pollutants.

In conventional systems, the filter is used with pre-filters and pro-filters as well. However, since they are so effective in removing the chemicals and filters from the system, they are a good investment for households. This system also doesn’t need electricity for use.

Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Many people now prefer UV water purifiers for home. These purifiers basically employ light of high frequency and a glass element to irradiate the water. When the water passes through the element, the living organisms in the water are all killed, such as parasites, viruses, and bacteria.

However, these water purifiers are quite expensive and require energy for operations. These purifiers are also not effective in removing non-living contaminants like fluoride and minerals.

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Filter with Activated Carbon

Activated carbon or charcoal is basically processed carbon that has a greater number of pores on its surface. When a liquid is purified using carbon, the pollutant molecules are basically stored inside the pores of its surface.

This is why activated carbon is used a lot in extracting chlorine and other volatile organic compounds from the water. It can improve both the smell and taste of the water. It is also relatively inexpensive to use at home. However, it cannot get rid of dissolved inorganic materials, salts, and minerals.

Ceramic Filter

This filter system is made up of ceramic, a material having various small pores. When the water is passed through the filter, all the substances that are bigger than the size of the pores remain outside, and the clean water is filtered out.

The ceramic water filters are also used with silver in order to kill the bacteria and reduce the growth of algae, as well as mold, in the water. It is quite easy to use and doesn’t require any electricity. However, the overall process takes a lot of time until the water is completely purified.

Activated Alumina Water Filter

This filter system is basically made from aluminum oxide. Activated alumina is effective in getting rid of arsenic, fluoride, and selenium from the water. It is also extremely cost-effective when compared to other filter systems.

However, this water filter system can be distorted with the leaching of aluminum. This process usually depends upon the composition and the pH level of the water being treated.

In The End

Water filters are essential to nearly every household across Singapore. However, before you step outside in the market to buy one, remember you know your requirements and needs. For instance, if you don’t have access to tap water, then a system for the entire system will be much more effective. Buying an alkaline water filter system is not a tough job!

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