How to Buy the Ideal Water Filter

health benifit of drinking water 12 Sep 2019

While it is a fact that using tap water without any treatment is unthinkable it is also equally difficult task finding the best water purifier for your home. There are many things to check before you buy your water purification system. Before that, let us understand the need for a water filter at home. The tap water has a lot of contaminants which can be very harmful to your health. These can cause diseases especially to children who have not developed their resistance fully.

The other alternative to buying a water filter is to buy bottled water. Bottled water can turn out to be very expensive in the long run. Investing in a water purification system is much cheaper. You must also find a place in your homes for the water bottles. There are hardly any other alternatives available for getting pure and healthy water. The only way to have pure water is buying a water filter. But you must make your selection carefully to ensure that you get everything you need from the water purifier. It must also be easy to install and maintain.

What Do You Need From Your Filter System?

The first requirement for any filter system or purifier is to get all the contaminants removed. Water can contain solid contaminants like rust, sand, and dust which usually contaminate the water where it is stored and while being transferred in metal pipes. A filter at the 5-micron level is enough to stop these contaminants from mixing with your drinking water.

If your water has a bad smell and taste then you will require a carbon filter. Activated carbon is the best way to filter out chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and some dissolved inorganic chemicals. This can also help in reducing the lead content in the water. Lead is a heavy metal that is very harmful to our body. It cannot be removed easily once it enters the body. A carbon block filter is necessary to remove the other chemicals and the smallest particles from the water.

You will need a fourth filter which will be the post-carbon filter. This plays a major role in removing bad smell and taste from the water. This filter will ensure that the water is of drinking quality with no unpleasantness to it. When you have all these filters you can say that you have removed most of the contaminants from the water. But it is far from healthy even now.

Make the Water Healthy For the Body

One of the things that most water filter Singapore based companies will claim is that their filter will remove the bacteria from the water and make it perfectly safe. This is possible only if there is an ultrafiltration membrane which will filter out all the bacteria and viruses in the water. It makes the water safe for you and your family. You don’t have to fear about getting sick once you find that the filtration system has this filter.

It is a thing that you need to have your drinking water provide you with essential minerals. Natural water contains minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium which are essential for our body. The presence of these minerals was what was making water such an important thing for our lives. But when you filter the water so severely, these minerals are lost. You need the right piece of equipment to purify water at home which can ensure that you get these minerals. It must contain the source for such minerals.

Everyone knows the advantages of distilled water. Most packaged drinking water companies sell pure water. These are very much recommended for sportspersons and others who physically exert themselves a lot. Alkaline water reduces the oxidation rate which is what controls the aging process. This water improves metabolism which is required to look young and energetic. Acidic water reduces metabolism. Alkaline water also helps to reduce toxicity in the body.


The water purifier must be available easily for everyone to purchase it without difficulty. If you can buy it online and get it delivered, then that would make it the ideal water purifier in Singapore. Besides, the product must be affordable for all the people so that everyone gets good drinking water.

The company that sells the product must also come and install the same in the best manner. As most Singapore homes are not so spacious you must be able to install the filter system unobtrusively so that it doesn’t affect your other functions.

Servicing and replacement of filters are important for all water purifiers. The filters must be available easily and at affordable prices. The company must provide regular service so that the filter functions properly and gives you clean drinking water. Servicing must be done promptly and at reasonable prices.

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