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health benifit of drinking water 14 Mar 2020

It is known that the tap water that you get cannot be consumed without first removing the contaminants in it. A water filter is the best solution for the problem. Water filters will help you remove the impurities in the water and give you pure water. But not all water filters achieve this result. If you have to select the ideal water filter for your home, you must know what contaminants your water contains and what filters are required to remove these. As there are different types of impurities in the water, you will need different types of filters. A clear understanding will help you in buying the right water filtration system for home.

A Water Filtration System For Home That Removes Sediments

There are various sediments in your tap water. They can be rust, sand, dust, heavy metals or silt. These need to be removed using a sediment filter. Most water purifiers will have a sediment filter. The sediment filters are also commonly used in various places including your supply source to remove these particles. It is usually made from pure polypropylene and is rated in terms of microns. Micron is the unit for measuring the size of the pores and the lower the micron rating the more sediments will be filtered.

The sediment filter will be usually the first element in the home water purification systems because it will prevent the large particles from blocking the other filters and damaging them. A filter of 5-micron rating is usually enough to prevent most of the sediments from passing through. The filtered particles accumulate on the surface of the filter. When the filter surface is fully used up you can change the cartridge very easily. It is now clear that this should be an essential part of your ideal water purification system.

Remove Bad Smell And Taste From The Water

The bad smell and taste in your water mainly come from Chlorine. Chlorine is added to your water at the supply point for disinfecting the water. This is a common method that is used in almost all countries around the world. But chlorine is not good for your body. It can form chemicals that can even cause cancer. The most common way to remove chlorine from your drinking water is to use the granular activated carbon filter. This is usually used before the carbon block filter because it prevents larger particles while ensuring a fast flow of water through it.

The granular activated carbon filter works by blocking those particles that are larger than the size of its pores. As the carbon particles are activated, they will hold the negatively charged chlorine and prevent it from passing through. The carbon granules are capable of absorbing the bad smell and taste while the water flows through them. As the filter allows faster flow of water through it, it is used in the initial stages of filtration. This filter has a long life. If can allow useful minerals to pass through it. The granular activated carbon filter doesn’t change the pH level of the water. It is a natural process as there are no added chemicals in this filter.

Preventing The Dangerous Chemicals And Smaller Particles

Many chemicals can escape the granular activated carbon filter. The chemicals that can cause serious problems like cancer needs to be removed from the water. This filter can prevent lead from passing through it. Lead mixes with water from the pipes through which the water flows to your home. Long term ingestion of lead can cause damage to your kidneys. The carbon block filter can remove it. This filter also effectively prevents organic compounds from passing through. Cysts are also removed by this filter.

Most water purification systems have the carbon block filters as it prevents many chemicals from passing through. There is a block of finely powdered carbon that is held together by a binding agent. There is a large surface area to this filter that enables it to absorb more impurities. As the pore sizes are small it prevents the growth of bacteria. This filter also maintains the pH level of the water and allows essential minerals to pass through. The filter is beneficial as it has a long life.

Protect Yourself From Harmful Microorganisms In The Water

There is harmful microorganism like bacteria and viruses in the water that comes through your taps. You must remove these before you drink the water as they can cause serious health problems. The results will be seen even if you ingest a small quantity of water that contains these organisms. You can suffer from many gastrointestinal disorders if you drink the water. These organisms are usually prevented from passing through using the ultrafiltration membrane.

As the membrane can filter particles of very small size ranging from 0.01 to 0.02 microns it will prevent any microorganisms from passing through it, making water perfectly safe to drink.

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