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health benifit of drinking water 12 Sep 2019

Perhaps one of the most common sources of many diseases is water. There are so many harmful organisms in the water that you could get sick with just a drink from your tap. Many types of contamination happen when your water reaches you through miles of metal pipes. You must treat the water from your taps before drinking. Before we look at how you can get clean water to drink let us look at the dangers associated with tap water.

The Dangers of Drinking Tap Water

Your tap water may look clean and refreshing enough for you to take a sip. But the water could be contaminated with many impurities and could be the reason for serious illness. Water borne diseases are very common and you should be very careful about what water you drink. The water that comes through your taps is not safe for drinking and contains many impurities and harmful organisms.

Though the water is treated to remove harmful bacteria and viruses it can get contaminated during storage and when being transferred to your house. They can also get contaminated in the water tanks in your building and pipe that brings it to your home. The water can be contaminated with harmful chemicals, metals and different kinds of bacteria, parasites, and viruses. All these can have a very bad effect on your health.

Because of contamination at various places the water can contain many impurities. There will be rust which can come from the pipes. There can be sand and dust particles which come into the water at different places on its journey from the tank to your house. Water can also contain harmful chemicals which are not detected and removed. Thus, the water that comes through your taps is dangerous for you to drink directly.

You Need the Best Water Filter to Get Good Water

Boiling water is not enough to remove most of the contaminants. So that is not a way out of the dangerous situation. You can buy bottled water, but that will be very expensive for continuous use. The only way out is to get yourself a good water purifier. But not all purifiers are going to give you healthy and safe water. You must be very careful about selecting the water purifier.

The six-stage water filter in Singapore is the best product for you to get the safest and healthiest water at a very affordable price. This water filter contains six stages of filtration and purification. This will ensure that all the contaminants are completely removed from the water making it safe for drinking. The activated carbon filters and the ultra filtration membrane will ensure that nothing escapes into the water that you drink.

The first stage of the purifier ensures that it removes all the undissolved particles in the water like rust, sand, mud, etc. making it free from these. The second filter is the carbon filter which removes dissolved organic chemicals like chlorine. This removes bad smell and turbidity from the water. In the third and fourth stage, the water is further purified removing all dissolved contaminants and making free from all kinds of smell and bad taste. Even when these are removed from the water and the water is tasty enough, it is still not healthy.

Making Water Healthy

Fresh water is healthy because it contains minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium. All these are lost when complete filtration is done. But these are essential for us and must come with the water we drink. The fifth stage of the alkaline water purifier introduces these minerals into the water making it as good as fresh water. At this stage, the pH of the water is slightly increased to increase its alkalinity. Alkaline water reduces acidity in the stomach and also reduces oxidation. This means that the aging process will be delayed.

In the final stage, the water purifier has a microfiltration membrane which will remove all the remaining microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. This makes the water perfectly healthy for human consumption. This water which comes from the six-stage purifier is the healthiest and tastiest water that is available in Singapore.

This water purifier can be conveniently installed below your kitchen in the most unobtrusive manner so that your normal work is not affected. The filter is available at very affordable prices and the distributors will install the same for you.

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