The Best Water Filters For Your Home

health benifit of drinking water 8 May 2021

You can never trust tap water as it may contain harmful contaminants. And when these contaminants become part of your body, they cause illness. Would you compromise on the health of you and your family members? We know your answer, so we come with the best water filters for your home to save you from impure water.

Whether you are looking for pure water or healthier water that brings countless benefits, we have it all for you. It’s time to say goodbye to your water problems and say hello to a healthier lifestyle.

Do you need a water filter?

As there is no surety that the public water is free of heavy metals or pollutants, why drink that water and put your health at risk? As they say, ‘Health is wealth,’ then why wait to invest in your health? The whole purpose of introducing filters was to ensure that everyone drinks safe and clean water. Most people have moved to filters after knowing about their countless benefits on health.

You need a water filter for home:

  • Either to get water free of contaminants
  • Or to improve the taste of water

Researchers say that most harmful elements like chlorine, nitrates, aluminum, etc., present in unfiltered water can’t be seen, smelled, or even tasted. It is almost impossible to find pure water, so it’s a wiser choice to move to filtered water.

How is filtered water better than tap water?

The tap water doesn’t come directly from the source to our homes; instead, it travels from storage to those long pipes. That’s why tap water contains a very high level of contaminants from industrial and environmental pollution. As this water is unfiltered, the number of bacteria and other harming microorganisms is alarming, leading to diarrhea, hepatitis, and other illnesses. When your body is constantly exposed to these unwanted contaminants, it may also lead to chronic diseases.

Filtered water, on the other hand, brings pure water to your faucets.

What kind of water filter do you need?

Researchers say not all filters remove all contaminants, so how do you select the type of filter?

The selection of filter depends on

  • The specific type of contaminants you want to get rid of
  • Your source of water

Before installing a water filter in your home, get your water tested to select the best filter. If you contact professional companies, they will test your water on the spot and inform you about your water quality.

What is a whole house water filtration system?

A whole house water filtration system is a water purification systems that provide pure water throughout the home. This system cleans the water and makes it free of any sediments, impurities, or minerals before it reaches your taps. So, if you live in an area where you doubt the quality of water or are looking to change the taste of water, all you need is a water purification system installed in your home.

The water purification system protects you from any harmful water source in your house through various filters. Clean water promotes quality of life and improves your health, so what are you waiting for? It is worth your money.

What are the benefits of a water filtration system?

water filter Singapore

As a water purification system provides you clean water throughout the house, the benefits are not limited to merely drinking clean water. Another important reason to switch to a water filtration system is the well-being of your family. Here we will discuss some of the benefits of this system.

Environment friendly

Are you drinking bottled water because you don’t trust water quality coming out of your taps? Have you ever thought that how these plastic bottles increase plastic waste in our nature? A water filter system is a more cost-effective and environmental-friendly solution.

Cleaner clothes and dishes

With a water filtration system, you can use clean water anywhere in your home, i.e., while cleaning dishes and clothes. Ever wonder how it will benefit your clothes and dishes? Unfiltered water has minerals in it that break the soap and doesn’t allow it to clean properly.

Kinder to sensitive skin

Many people suffer from various skin issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc., so when they use water with impurities inside, it may trigger their skin conditions and make it worse. On the other hand, filtered water has proved to be gentle on the skin and prevent allergies.

Cleaner pipes, faucets, and showers

The presence of minerals in water leads to the building up of white material inside your pipes, faucets, and showers, and it also slows the water pressure. With a water filtration system in your house, this problem will be resolved entirely.

Test your water

Before installing this system, you may want to know the type and quality of your water to get the maximum benefit from the system you are installing.

Various water testing kits are available online, or you could get them tested from any laboratory.

Whole house filtration systems don’t need monitoring or checks once installed. This system has a long-lasting life; you need to change it once in a while to keep your filtration system tiptop. This one-time investment will go a long way and have positive outcomes.

Types of water filtration system

There are many types of water filters available today, and the choice of which depends on your water filtration needs. Not everyone can have the same filters as different filters address different problems. Here we will discuss some water filters in Singapore that are used commonly.

Ceramic filter

Ceramic filter is one of the oldest methods used for water filtration. This filter has tiny pores on the ceramic surface, responsible for removing impurities from water and making it fit for drinking. It mainly focuses on eliminating bacteria, debris, or visible dirt particles from the water as this filter doesn’t involve any chemical process, so no chemical contaminants are removed.

It is the most economical choice among all the filter types.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon is probably among the most used filters. Activated carbon captures minerals, organic compounds, and many water-borne contaminants; it also enhances water taste. Generally, there are two types of activated carbon; granular activated carbon and block activated carbon. This filter is mainly used for home water filtration systems.

Deionization filter

Deionization filters work by exchanging positive hydrogen ions and negative hydroxyl ions with the positive and negative contaminants present in the water.

The advantage of the deionization filter is that it removes volatile organic compounds such as benzene, formaldehyde, etc., and other dissolved solids present in water.

Ultraviolet filter

An ultraviolet filter uses UV rays to kill the pathogens present in water which can’t be usually removed by using chlorine disinfectant. These UV rays attack the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens and prevent them from spreading any infection. But this type of filter doesn’t remove any sediment.

The advantage of this filter is that it can kill 99% of the germs present in water.

Reverse osmosis

A reverse osmosis filter is popular for drinking water. It works by forcing the water in your pipes to move through a membrane to filter it. It can remove heavy metal, bacteria’s toxins, and even sediments and make the water impurity-free for drinking.

As we have discussed each filter in detail, now we know how each filter works and what type of impurities it removes. Hence it is best to get your water checked for contaminants before buying a water filter system for your home.

Our body comprises up to 70% of water, which makes water necessary for normal functioning. To ensure clean and safe drinking, get your filters installed in your homes today. Hydrate and refresh your body with clean water; after all, healthy life is a happy life!

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