The Water You Drink Can Give Many Health Benefits

health benifit of drinking water 31 Dec 2019

Drinking water is essential and there are many good effects to it. The most important thing is that it helps in keeping you hydrated which is essential for your normal physical activities. It keeps your joints working smoothly. Water will also ensure that your body remains cool by producing enough sweat when it is hot. Water will make your skin glow by keeping it hydrated. Lack of water is one of the main reasons for dry and dull skin. Water can prevent you from getting constipation. This is probably why all governments ensure that drinking water is available to all its citizens. All governments have extensive programs to ensure that everyone gets safe drinking water. However, most of the time it is not safe to drink the water and you will need a good water purifier for home to take care of your drinking water needs.

How Does The Water Purifier For Home Help You?

The water purifiers help to make your tap water safe for drinking. The water filters available in the market will have filters that will remove all the pollutants that occur in water. The filters are arranged in such a way that contaminants that are either suspended or dissolved in the water are completely removed. Even the microorganisms that live in the water are removed completely. This makes the water completely safe for drinking and also gives it a sweet taste. But this is not enough for you. Buying a water filter should give you the extra benefit of making the water improve your health.

The ideal water purifier will make sure that the minerals which are naturally present in the water are not lost in the filtration process. They are added to the water using natural sources. This means that you get water that is as pure and healthy as the natural water that you get from the springs. But even this is not enough because the acidity of the water is a major problem. Most of the water that is supplied to you is acidic and this is not good for you. What is needed is that the nature of the water that you drink must be made neutral or slightly alkaline.

Understanding Alkaline Water And Its Benefits

Before we understand the health benefits of alkaline water, we must know what is alkaline water. The acidity or alkalinity of an element is measured in pH units. The range is normally between 1 and 14. A pH value of 1 will say that the element or compound is highly acidic. A pH value of 14 means it is highly alkaline. Water in its pure form is a neutral compound. This means that it is neither acidic nor alkaline. Water has a pH value of 7. But most of the time the water that we get is slightly acidic.

Another problem with drinking neutral water is that it doesn’t do anything to neutralize the fluids in our body. Our body secretes many fluids and they are all acidic. Slightly alkaline drinking water can help to neutralize the acidic secretions and help maintain a balance in our stomach. Acidity in the stomach can lead to various problems. At the least it is uncomfortable. Regularly having an acidic stomach can lead to ulceration of the stomach walls.

Acidic refluxes are another problem that many people face due to their food habits. When there are acid refluxes the fluids can rise to your throat. This can cause serious problems with your food pipe. Regular acid refluxes will corrode the food pipe and cause ulcerations there too. Doctors regularly recommend that the food that we take should be 70% alkaline and 30% acidic. But this cannot be followed all the time as nobody is very sure about what foods can be acidic and what is not. In such cases drinking alkaline water produced from an alkaline water filter system can help you.

Alkaline Water Has Many Benefits For Your Body

Alkaline water has many benefits apart from neutralizing the acidic nature of your stomach. The main purpose of drinking water is to keep our body hydrated. When you drink alkaline water, the process happens much faster. This is because the water molecules in alkaline water are much smaller. Hence, they get absorbed into the cells more easily. This way the water can hydrate your body much faster than normal water. This is especially required for people who regularly work out or are involved in other rigorous physical activities.

Alkaline water helps in building immunity in your body. Strengthening the immune system is another way to reduce the acidity in your body. Alkaline water has antioxidizing properties. Oxidation is the process that is triggered by acidity. It is because of oxidation that the aging process happens in the body. When you drink alkaline water, you slow down the oxidation process thereby reducing the signs of aging substantially. Alkaline water can also reduce the occurrence of free radicals in the body that can damage your cells.

This means that the best water filter system is one that not only removes the impurities but also mineralizes the water and makes it alkaline. This water is the best for your health.

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