Water Is The Elixir Of Life

health benifit of drinking water 25 Oct 2019

Water is second to air for survival. This is why the supply of water and its availability are being considered as a top priority by all governments. There are many programs aimed at reducing the wastage of water from any source. Water conservation is being taken up by all governments as they see the water availability in the world coming down drastically. Though water is being made available for every resident in the country whether the water is safe for drinking is not certain. This is why the need for a water filter in Singapore is treated as a top priority.

Why Do You Need A Water Filter In Singapore For Safe Drinking Water?

There are many ways your tap water gets contaminated. The water that comes through your taps is stored at various places and travel many kilometers before they reach your homes. Many kinds of pollutants and contaminants get added to them in each of these places. There is dirt, rust, bacteria, harmful chemicals, and other substances in the water you get through your taps and so it is not good for direct consumption.

The contamination of water can start at the source itself. Water which is drawn from the ground is not always pure as we expect it to be. Groundwater gets contaminated with various chemicals depending on where they are drawn from. In some places, fertilizers and other chemicals used in the soil can seep into the groundwater making them very dangerous for consumption. These are drawn to the water storage facility for further distribution.

The Water Treatment Doesn’t Remove Everything

The water treatment is done at the storage by the authorities before distribution doesn’t remove everything. They are only treated for the removal of bacteria and other organisms. This will not remove the various dissolved chemicals in the water. This means that the water that is pumped from here will contain all these contaminants.

Another important thing is that chlorine is usually added at the water storage facility to disinfect the water. Chlorine can break down into various dangerous chemicals over time and these are harmful to your body. Moreover, the added chlorine is what gives your water the bad smell and taste that you get when you take water from the tap.

This is not all. When the water is transferred through the taps, they will be contaminated by the rust that is there in old pipes. Many of the pipes are made with lead and this lead also gets mixed in your water. Lead is a very dangerous chemical that will not be expelled by our bodies easily. Lead must be removed from the water before you consume it. Other contaminants include bacteria and harmful organisms that can grow either at the storage facility or in your house water tanks.

What Should The Ideal Water Purifier Have?

We have seen what all contaminants are in the water. Your water purifier must remove all these contaminants. For this, there needs to be multiple layers of filters so that the final product is pure enough for you to drink. The best water filter in Singapore will start with first filtering all the contaminants like rust, dirt, and dust. Subsequently, the water will move to the next filter where the water will lose its smell and turbidity as chlorine gets filtered.

A carbon block filter is used to remove contaminants that are less than 5 microns in size. This will mean that all the dissolved contaminants and chemicals will get filtered at this stage. The fourth stage of the water purifier will remove everything that is left behind making the water pure and tasty for drinking. But this is not enough for us because natural water gives us much more.

Making The Water Healthy For Us

The next steps in the water purifier should make the water give us everything we get from natural freshwater. Freshwater contains essential minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium. All these get removed when the water is filtered very stringently. The ideal water filter system in Singapore adds these minerals in the fifth stage of the filtration process so that we get all the nutrients.

Water that we get in our taps are usually acidic because of all the contamination and this is harmful to our health. The water filter should raise the pH of the water slightly to make it alkaline so that the water is healthy. An alkaline water filter helps to detoxify our bodies.

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