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health benifit of drinking water 12 Sep 2019

There are many dangers to drinking tap water directly and people have realized this. There is no way you can keep it completely safe from contamination as it is stored in various places and travels miles through metal pipes before it reaches your home. At your home too, the water is stored in tanks where it can get contaminated. Many types of contaminants get mixed with water.

Though water is one of the best natural sources of nutrients and has many good effects on our body, when it comes through your taps it may not be as healthy as it should be. Sometimes, the water can be dangerous to your health. People like pregnant women, children and the elderly are more susceptible to diseases that can be caused by drinking tap water.

Why Do You Need Water?

Everyone says that water is essential for your body. But you must know why it is essential and what good it does to your body. Half of our body weight is water and without water, there are so many functions that cannot happen. You cannot maintain your normal body temperature if you don’t drink enough water. You cannot have smooth movements of your joints if they are not lubricated with enough water.

Your body gets rid of all the waste materials through urine, sweat and bowel movements. All these will stop if you don’t drink enough water. Dehydration will be the result if you don’t drink enough water. This can lead to muscle cramps, lack of coordination, disorientation and heat stroke. Even looking beautiful depends on water because your skin needs to be kept dehydrated to maintain a shiny and healthy look.

You must replace the water in your body as it is being expelled from the body through various means. The need for water will increase if you are working out. People who do physical work will need to drink more water as they will sweat more. More water is needed when you have a fever, vomiting, and diarrhea as more water is lost. You don’t have to worry about not drinking enough water nowadays because there are many mobile apps which can keep you reminded of it.

Why Shouldn’t You Drink Tap Water Directly?

Though the government takes some action to ensure that the tap water you get is safe, many contaminants still exist in them. One of the main issues is that most of the water sources are already polluted due to various reasons. Many industrial and other wastes join the groundwater and get into the water sources. This means that the water is already dangerously polluted when it is drawn. The treatment done at the water treatment plants is not sufficient to remove all the contaminants.

Water gets contaminated with chemicals that are used as fertilizers. There are chemicals like mercury and lead which exist naturally and can get mixed with the water. There are chances of water getting polluted with bacteria and other microorganisms which are harmful to our body. There are natural deposits in the soil which also pollute the groundwater. Chlorine is a chemical that is added to water at the treatment plants which gives water the bad taste and smell. In addition to all these, lead can get mixed in the water from the pipes which bring the water to your home.

What Is The Need For A Water Filter?

Most of the contaminants in the water are harmful to your health. The various microorganisms in the water can cause illness to you. People usually get gastrointestinal problems when they consume water directly from the tap. Nitrates in the contaminated water are very dangerous for infants because it can affect the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen to various parts of the body. Lead can cause various problems to the kidney and increase your blood pressure.

Boiling the water can kill the germs in it but cannot remove the chemicals or dangerous metals and this is why you need a water purification system at your home. The alkaline water filter contains various filters that will help to remove all the contaminants from the water. Activated carbon is very effective in removing Chlorine and its by-products, thus removing the bad taste and smell.

There are carbon block filters which can remove all the other dissolved impurities in the water. This will also remove dangerous metals like lead. The water filter also contains ultrafiltration membrane which will remove the bacteria and other organisms from the water. Additionally, the water filter adds calcium, potassium, and sodium which are three important minerals which are naturally found in natural water.

When you check the water purifier price online, you will find that it is very affordable and can help you lead a healthy life.

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