What is Alkaline Water, and is it fruitful for my Health?

health benifit of drinking water 18 Jun 2021

In recent times, health has become one of the biggest concerns for human life. It can positively or negatively affect all aspects of your life, including academic, mental, physical, and emotional. More than ever before, people are investing in their bodies to take care of their supplemental needs along with nourishment. As a result, heading towards the gym or taking a diet is all the rage and trend!

And now, with all the havoc created by Covid-19, understanding your health and taking steps to enhance it has become an essential part of life. Today, if you want to live long and ensure the financial security of those at your home, you have to take care of yourself, or else it’s not possible.

The fact that you can survive more without food than water is something we always undermine in the wider scheme of things. We tend to forget the significance of gulping two sips of water every hour, meaning we also ignore our hydration needs. This is devastating for your body as water is needed to maintain an isotonic condition within different cells and tissues to ensure an adequate metabolic rate.

Moreover, water is required by various biological systems within your body to ensure all chemical reactions can occur properly. Plus, water acts as a solvent for many vitamins, meaning if you have taken all the vitamins of the world but compromised on the water intake, you won’t gain a whole lot of benefit from it!

Moreover, water is needed by your gut to regulate the temperature inside the body. Maintaining an optimal temperature is essential as it ensures all enzymes can work at their pace and regulate the optimal rate of reactions within your body systems.

One of the recent advancements relating to water has been alkaline water. Countless mineral water companies have begun investing their resources in it, while others have already developed mass-consumer products. Celebrities and fitness freaks worldwide can be witnessed propagating their use, promoting the brand, and creating a massive atmosphere around it. This gets an average person excited about what is so amazing about these alkaline water products! Well, this blog article will help you understand everything about alkaline water and whether you should use it in your daily life.

What is Alkaline Water?

Before you can understand what alkaline water is, you need to know what pH is. Well, pH is the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a substance. For example, a substance with a pH value of 1-6 is considered to be acidic. On the other hand, a substance with a pH of 8-14 is said to be alkaline. While substances with a pH of 7 are neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline. For instance, the soaps we use to bathe and wash our hands are alkaline, while the coffee we love for our sleepless nights is acidic.

As you may have understood by now, alkaline water has a pH above seven and has a lesser concentration of H+ ions. Normally, the water that we have grown up drinking has been neutral.

Now that you have understood everything about it, you may ask what good is alkaline water anyway. Well, we are getting to that!

What Are the Benefits of Alkaline Water?

Amglow is a company specialising in providing alkaline water filter system; therefore, we can testify to all these benefits. Our customers have remarked about countless first-hand benefits after using our alkaline filter products.

What makes alkaline water so great are four things; magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. These are the minerals found in alkaline water, each of which plays an important role in benefitting the human body.

Balances pH level of your Body

Our gut contains a few acids that play a pivotal role in food digestion. Our bodies are programmed to neutralise acidity to maintain a suitable condition for cells to work. However, if we eat a lot of acidic food, our body acids become too concentrated, chances are that our entire metabolism may get disturbed.

Moreover, acidity can cause stomach pain too, which can sometimes become incredibly hard to bear. Plus, the higher the acidity is, the more vulnerable we are to diseases. That’s where alkaline water comes in handy as it neutralises extra acidity and helps the body work properly.

Improves the immune system

Your body’s immune system is responsible for keeping the germs and diseases at bay! Having a poor immune system is not something you want as it makes you more of a prey! Regular intake of alkaline water is known for neutralising the free radicals inside your systems and getting rid of toxins. This is great because you can garner long-term health benefits this way.

Our alkaline filter products provide acidic and alkaline water at the same time. This comes in handy at times when your body requires acidic water. You can choose the two with just a simple press of a button.

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Enhances Detoxification

Our human bodies are full of all sorts of toxins that are harmful to us. So getting rid of them is essential! Alkaline water removes these toxins from your systems by stimulating your kidneys to function better. This is done by increasing the pH of the urine.

As per studies, eight glasses of alkaline water along with some fruits can ensure excellent detoxification, which may not showcase its benefits instantly but will surely do in the long run.

If you are eyeing the best water purifier money could buy, we are the ones you should contact. We have been in the market industry for years now, innovating our products to make them more suited towards health. Our water purifiers are known for providing a safe and clean drinking experience without worries. Here at Amglow, we are driven every day to get the best out of products so that you can benefit!

Weight Loss

Today, we consume a lot of junk food. Some of it contributes greatly towards increasing acidity within our bodies. Our systems try neutralising this acidity by producing fat cells, which lead to weight gain. This is the reason you see a lot of plump teenagers today.

Using alkaline water to neutralise acidity can reduce the number of fat cells that are produced. This will help you lose a significant amount of fat and lose weight.

Better Hydration

Studies have revealed that alkaline water leads to better hydration and rehydration. The credibility of this fact is so much that many people suffering from chronic dehydration are asked to use alkaline water daily.

Improves bone health

Researches by scientists have also found out that alkaline water reduces bone resorption, a process in which new ones replace old bones. With a high mineral density and positive bone resorption, your bones will be in the best possible health condition.

Increases your longevity

Alkaline water can act as an anti-ageing substance. It can slow down your ageing process, helping you live longer.

If you want to enjoy all these benefits of alkaline water, you should consider buying our alkaline water purifier that’s made to provide you with a better drinking experience for enhanced health.

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