What is the difference between artificial and naturally alkaline water?

health benifit of drinking water 8 Dec 2021

If we talk about alkaline water then it has various health benefits such as regulating pH, slowing down the aging process, prevent from chronic diseases, keeping your heart healthier, and much more.

But when it comes to choosing alkaline water for drinking you must know that not all alkaline water is created equally. Most of the alkaline water available in the market is prepared artificially which may lead to serious health effects when consumed regularly.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about natural and artificial alkaline water and how they are prepared.

What is alkaline water?

The water which has slightly more alkaline pH than that of normal water is called alkaline water. The pH of alkaline water is 8 or 9 Where is that of normal water is 7 (neutral).

The slightly higher pH of alkaline water is to neutralize the unwanted acidity in the body. The presence of a range of organic alkaline minerals in natural alkaline water has promising benefits for your health and value being such as maintaining your blood pressure, cholesterol, preventing cancer, helping in weight loss, and much more.

Today both natural and artificial alkaline water are available commercially, but the latter has some serious side effects over long-term use.

What makes alkaline water different?

Water is made up of two molecules i.e., Hydrogen and oxygen, and have a pH of 7 which is neutral. Whereas, alkaline water has a slightly higher pH around 8 or 9. It not only provides better hydration but also balances the pH which is important for the normal functioning of the body. It works by neutralizing the acidity in the body and maintaining the levels of the mineral in your bloodstream.

Note that if you drink water with acidic pH then it will make your body vulnerable to many diseases.

Alkaline water benefits and risk

Water that has higher alkaline provides better hydration than regular water. Alkaline water has countless benefits on our health, let’s discuss some of the benefits below.

Benefits of drinking alkaline water

Prevent bone loss

Alkaline water improves bone strength by increasing mineral density and decreasing bone resorption. It also contains minerals like calcium and magnesium which are important for healthy bones.

Improves digestion and prevent acid flux

Alkaline water works by reducing the acidity of the stomach thus preventing acid reflux (which is a condition caused by excess acid in the stomach).

Moreover, it also kills harmful bacteria present in our stomach and improve the digestion of food, and absorbs nutrients

Controls blood pressure and diabetes

Research showed that consuming alkaline water leads to lower levels of blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure.

Ultra-hydrating properties

The small particles often clean water is absorbed rapidly in the body and hydrate quickly. Due to its ultra-hydrating properties as compared to normal water it is best for people who work out and require a large amount of water for their bodies.

Boost immunity and detoxify

Alkaline water helps in boosting your immunity and makes you stronger to fight infections. It also plays a role in the detoxification of your body.

Increase energy levels

A researcher that if you have too much is it in your body you will become lethargic, and drowsy. By consuming alkaline water, you can minimize the level of acids in your body which will restore your energy levels.

Reduces acidity

Due to the higher pH level of alkaline water, it reduces the acidity in your body and prevents you from chronic diseases.

Slows aging

The presence of antioxidants in alkaline water but events the formation of free radicals which leads to cell damage and also speeds up the aging process.

Risks associated with drinking alkaline water

Although studies have shown that consuming alkaline water is safe but it does have some associated risks. One of the major risks is that the excessive consumption of alkaline water will imbalance the natural acids of your body which will kill the good bacteria. It also disturbs your skin and gastrointestinal tract.

As they say ‘Excess of everything is bad’ so even if you are consuming alkaline water, you should avoid overconsumption to save yourself from risks.

Natural client vs. artificial alkaline water: The process explained

The process by which alkaline water is prepared defines its health properties. Natural and artificial alkaline water are prepared by different methods; we will discuss each of them below.

Natural alkaline water

Natural alkaline water, as the name indicates, is made ‘naturally.’ The water that flows down the mountains and springs picks up the minerals from the porous rocks while running resulting in producing naturally alkaline water. The water obtained this way is ‘alkaline’ and is fit for drinking. It is not processed further and has fantastic health benefits because of its high mineral content.

Artificial alkaline water preparation

On the other hand, the artificial alkaline water is prepared by ionization in machines to attain a higher pH but it doesn’t contain any minerals which possess health benefits as that of naturally alkaline water.

During the process of ionization or electrolysis, the molecules of water split apart and run over platinum or titanium plates to create alkaline water.

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is used to create alkaline water, it doesn’t contain the minerals that are beneficial for health.

The artificial alkaline water is prepared by running it over platinum and titanium plates which leads to the following side effects.

  • These metals may leave small particles in the water which may be toxic
  • You end up consuming fluorides, chlorine, and even pesticides.

Moreover, WHO has warned about drinking alkaline water which is prepared by artificial means has low mineral content.

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Mineral deficiency due to artificial alkaline water

When you drink alkaline water, your body gets the impression that it will receive alkaline minerals such as calcium, and magnesium. But when you consume artificial alkaline water devoid of such minerals it leads to depletion of its mineral reserves which leads to a mineral deficiency.

Don’t consume artificial alkaline water for the long term as it may cause serious side effects on your health.

Is Alkaline water good for you?

The benefits of minerals found in natural alkaline water cannot be overlooked, so always choose to drink water that is sourced from springs or naturally occurring pools to get the maximum benefit. The best way to figure out naturally alkaline water is by looking at the concentration of mineral content in mg (which is higher as compared to artificial alkaline water).

If you want to make a healthy life choice then start by switching to alkaline water as it assures to provide minerals, hydration, and detoxification.

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