Why you should choose an alkaline water purifier for your home?

health benifit of drinking water 10 Mar 2021

Water is the heart of a body’s proper functioning. Adding to a substantial aggregate in the body’s mass, water ensures an isotonic condition, letting the metabolic requirements be put in the optimal threshold. This colorless fluid has a spectrum of shades behind its surface, for instance, assisting the body to rid of excess water, toxins, and other excretory products. It also helps regulate body temperature to allow a person to operate optimally.

As an excellent excretory carrier, water is the key for your body to eliminate what you don’t need. And as universally recommended by scientists to drink at least eight glasses, we can conceive that water is an obligation for a good life.

Therefore, keeping a check on water intake is crucial for health and has brought several water purification methods into vogue. The alkaline water filter system is one of the new and innovative approaches that holds a lot of promise and has quickly become a popular choice among people. From its endorsement by celebrities to its sky-rocketing demand, alkaline water is fast becoming the new norm. Almost every other water company has begun selling alkaline water in the face of tremendous demand.

What is alkaline water?

In the simplest terms penned, alkaline water is the water that has a PH value of more than 7.

Anything less than 7 makes the water acidic, and beyond that makes it Alkaline (8 or 9 PH values being optimal for drinking).

Mostly- known benefits

An alkaline water filter system gives water that helps counterbalance the secreted acidic level in the body, which is usually corrosive. As a result, it becomes an excellent option for those suffering from acid reflux.

The four types of minerals found in water provided by an alkaline water filter system are:

  • Crucial for bones, heart, and muscles.
  • Helps build bone and teeth.
  • Maintains blood volume and pressure.
  • An electrolyte, essential for muscle function.


How does an alkaline water filter work?

It acts as an electrolyzer because it separates the water into its component units of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

An alkaline water filter system produces H20 clusters that are smaller in size. In the microscopic universe inside our bodies, alkaline filters certainly create a difference because even the smallest sizes can go on to constitute a much more vital process.

This enables the body to digest and absorbs them more readily since smaller particles or molecules can seep through cell walls and cell membranes with much ease and control the isotonic environment of cells for the most enhanced version of metabolism.

Moreover, the person gets enhanced hydration, possible due to a greater oxygen-carrying capacity of water. The muscles receive oxygen rapidly and work with more means.

The alkaline water filter makes the water more enjoyable to drink, as it magically adds a more pleasant taste. As a result, you get the best of both worlds with an alkaline filter, health benefits, and an enjoyable taste.

The best alkaline filter system companies recommend using their product with a purification mechanism, too, so that you can drink something free of microscopic germs and free of foul-smell. Carbon and Ceramic Filtration elements take down the impurities and make water purer than ever before.

Many diseases stem from dirty and impure water, sometimes extremely fatal. However, with a reliable alkaline water purifier system, you can put your worries to the bay and relish the essence of water.

Acidic water and its use

On the contrary, we have Acidic Water. Usually, it is considered harmful for the metabolism and good working of the body. This is due to the fact that it can cause the acidic levels of the body to increase due to an aggregate provided by acidic secretion and this type of water. You may have to suffer from a PH level imbalance.

Some of the other concerns stemming from acidic water are their complementing relationship with heavy metals. These metals can lead to several diseases, such as Diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, and weakness.

However, there are certain benefits associated with acidic water too. It has the potential to neutralize germs, making them harmless and saving the body from their damage.

Since our hair and scalp are said to have a lower PH value, using acidic water to wash them can help your hair grow with more vitality and strength.

Whereas it also deemed crucial for washing dishes, cleaning wounds, and removing stains. Many of these have been proven scientifically, so it is safe to say that Acidic water is not without its perks!

Also, many alkaline water filters can produce acidic water, making them the jack of all trades. As a result, you can avail the ever-green perks of alkaline water, complemented by the occasional use of acidic.

What is the best filtration system?

Today, the market is replete with alkaline water filtration systems. The range of products is too great to make up mind for something that will suit your needs. Therefore, we will guide you through this overwhelming situation and makes your life a little bit easier!

The best alkaline water filtration systems have one thing in common: they deliver. Every time you use them, they will give you water with a PH level of 8 or 9.

The next thing that ties with it is the fact that your water must be free of any externally-added taste, such as that from Chlorine or other metals. Water must taste like water! However, this is ensured by using an external treatment system, as alkaline filters do not come with those.

Another critical aspect of the best alkaline water is that it must be free of any external contaminant to ensure that you are taking water and water alone! No harmful chemicals, because that’s what your body deserves! Once again, you require a more enhanced water treatment system for that.

Alkaline water: how alkaline ionizers really work? the two science concepts you learned back in school

Before you go to the market and spend on a new alkaline water filter, here are some scientific concepts that you must know about. These are important because you don’t want your investment to be wasted down the road.

Here are some key concepts:

Alkaline water and ph

The term PH is not something scientifically complicated and hard to understand. It’s simple. It indicates the water’s nature as being Acidic or Alkaline; that’s it.

  • PH level 7: Neutral
  • PH level above 7: Alkaline
  • PH level lower than 7: Acidic

It is an abbreviation for Potential for Hydrogen, thus determining the number of Hydrogen ions present in your water. It doesn’t just stick to water; it is universal for just about anything. For instance, as referred earlier, even your hair and scalp have a PH value.

The more the hydrogen ions, the greater the tendency towards being Acidic. That’s the summary that you may want to recall every time you come across the PH levels.


All alkaline ionizers in the market use electrolysis to separate the constituents of water. Electrolysis is something that underlies our working batteries; you may have come across videos on YouTube in which a person hooks two terminals on the water, attached to a battery, and then observes bubbles rising. Yes, that’s electrolysis.

Electrolysis separates alkaline minerals on one side and acidic on the other. This is what the top-notch filters do; give you the option to simultaneously use both types of water.

We hope you have got the basic concepts in mind and are well in advance to make your decision or simply have enhanced your knowledge about the latest trend in health and water. Let’s move on.

The alkalinity of water: alkaline water does not mean it has substantial alkalinity

There is a massive misconception that just having a PH value higher than seven will neutralize the body’s acidic proportion. Brands have convinced buyers to it and made substantial amounts of money.

However, the bigger picture cannot be ignored. The truth is, it is not the PH level that counterbalances the acidic levels inside the stomach, but the presence of alkaline minerals and substances that gets the job done. And this is where all the mess starts.

Science gets the final say, and you should always consider that if you are en route to beginning your alkaline water life.

What are the other benefits of alkaline water?

You must be wondering that there must be some other perks of alkaline water, other than those discusses at the start, for which it has gained so much public recognition. Well, you are right to think that way, as it does have.

There have been many claims that alkaline water filter systems regulate water so efficiently that it becomes a pivotal aspect to acquiring a sound immune system, better skin, lose weight and even fight cancer.

Moreover, alkaline water is found to reduce blood sugar, pressure, and Cholesterol levels, making it a sound option for people with diabetes and other related health issues.

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