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Amglow was born some years ago out of the need for a natural alkaline water filter system. Specialising in under-sink and alkaline water filter systems, we have worked to reform the standards for alkaline water purifiers. Our state-of-the-art water filters have set the bar high for water cleansing in every aspect. With our best alkaline water filter system, you can rest assured that Amglow has your back when it comes to clean water. What’s more, we offer competitive pricing in accordance with our belief that money should not stand in the way of you and clean water.

Today, all of our satisfied customers enjoy our natural alkaline water both in their homes and in offices, hotels, service apartments, schools, hospitals and more. When purchasing from us, you can be sure that you will receive the best alkaline water filter system at the most affordable price.

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Why Choose an Amglow Water Filter System?

Without installing a home water filtration system, you cannot be sure that the water you and your loved ones consume is completely free of contaminants. This can potentially result in short-term and immediate effects such as vomiting and diarrhoea. Over time, ingesting harmful contaminants in water can also lead to various health complications, including cancer. Amglow works with accredited water filtration experts to bring you an alkaline water filter that can be easily installed in any home at a very affordable price. Find out more about the different parts of water filters and what they do.

Sediment Filter

Most water purifiers include a sediment filter to cleanse the water of foreign particles, such as sand, dust, silt, rust or heavy metals. A sediment filter is usually the first line of defence against unfiltered water. Sediment filters come in different micron ratings, with each rating corresponding to the size of the pores in the sediment filter. Thus, a smaller rating means that the sediment filter is more effective. Usually, a rating of five will suffice in trapping most sediment particles. The particles will build up over time on the other side of the filter, but they can be easily removed by changing the cartridge.

Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Sometimes, you may notice that your water has a bad taste and smell. This is due to the use of chlorine as a disinfectant. Chlorine is harmful to the human body, and water filters typically remove it via a granular activated carbon filter. The activated carbon will trap chlorine particles in the water while allowing other useful minerals to pass through.

Carbon Block Filter

Not all harmful chemicals are effectively trapped in the granular activated carbon filter. These include lead from the pipes, cysts and organic compounds. The carbon block filter serves to prevent these chemicals and smaller particles from entering your drinking water, while still allowing beneficial minerals to pass through.

Ultrafiltration Membrane

Bacteria and viruses in the water must still be removed before the water is safe for drinking. If left untreated, they can potentially result in gastrointestinal diseases. As its name suggests, the ultrafiltration membrane has extremely small pores of 0.01 to 0.02-micron rating. It effectively prevents any of these microorganisms from entering it.

Alkaline Remineralization Filter

Lastly, a good alkaline filter does not increase the pH level of the water to an exceedingly high level. Amglow’s alkaline filter increase the pH level of the water slightly to an optimal level of around 8.5, this will ensure that your body can absorb the benefits of alkaline water without any side effects. Our alkaline filter will also add healthy minerals like potassium, calcium, potassium to the purified water, allowing you to enjoy clean and nutritious water at the same time!

A good and comprehensive water purification system helps to clean your drinking water to ensure it is completely pure and safe for use. At Amglow, we use the best types of each filter in our alkaline filter system, guaranteeing your health and safety at all times.


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