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Hot and cold water dispenser in Singapore for your home and office

September 06,2023

The Singapore heat recently has been reminding us constantly to down at least eight cups of water daily. Be it at home or work, a hot cold water dispenser can help you stay hydrated in our humid Singapore weather and is the best device for clean and fresh water on demand.

You might be wondering why a hot and cold water dispenser in Singapore is needed when we have kettles. A water dispenser is economical and extremely convenient, allowing you to have hot or cold water at a fixed cost on demand. This device can support you while you are making your coffee, tea, or baby formula, and quench your thirst with cool and refreshing water. It also replaces your kettle and saves you time because you do not have to wait for the water to boil. You no longer have to refill the water container to be placed in your fridge, saving you both time and space. Additionally, some water dispensers, like the AmGlow Sensor Direct Piping Standing Dispenser and Touchscreen Table top Hot & Cold Water Dispenser have the function of purifying water, ridding it of impurities, and ensuring that your water is much safer for drinking.

The main function of a hot and cold water dispenser is to provide easy access to drinking water just by a touch of a button. However, there are a variety of devices with different features that can fit your specific needs, from the ergonomics of the device to the filtration system, alkaline benefits, and even sensor activation.

Let us save you the trouble of extensive research and Googling by sharing with you our top picks for hot and cold water dispensers in Singapore for your home and office.

AmGlow Touch screen Table top Water Dispenser

Our top pick for the hot cold water dispenser for your home is the AmGlow Touch screen Table top Hot & Cold Water Dispenser. What we enjoy about this product are its dark, sleek design and its ergonomics. This touch screen table top water dispenser is a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Apart from aesthetics, this device has the key function of dispensing both hot and cold water by touch screen. Additionally, it has State-Of-The-Art technology that includes Alkaline filters, Ultrafiltration, sediments, and Carbon blocks, containing three filters in one machine. This machine is customisable as it comes with a non-Alkaline option too.

One of the reasons why this water dispenser is suitable for your home is due to the dimension of the system. The system is slimmer than tank less models with a dimension of 21 x 45 x 40cm which allows it to sit nicely on your kitchen island or kitchen counter. The best part is that no manual refilling of the machine is required since it is direct-piped. This device also has safety features, which include child-lock, essential when there are toddlers at home.

This system is also suitable for smaller office spaces. However, if you are looking for a device with greater capacity, you may want to consider two devices, Sensor Direct Piping Standing Dispenser and Sensor Standing Water Dispenser (Bottom-Load).

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a new normal across the world, especially across the workforce among workplaces. Employers will have to be conscious of new constraints and ramp up safety and hygiene features.

Why we love these devices is due to their sensor activation. Sensor-activated devices would mean touch less control, keeping contact to the minimum. This ensures that it maintains a safe and hygienic workplace.

Another great benefit by AmGlow is a cost-effective and affordable offering where you are able to rent the devices for your office if you do not wish to purchase them.

Sensor Direct Piping Standing Dispenser

We enjoy the device for its modern and sleek design, elevating your office’s interior. The 33 x 36 x 110cm system can be situated around the office without looking out of place. Further more, its ergonomic height allows for easy access to water. This device is also highly cost-efficient and functional. The device will have a direct connection to the water source which means no replacement of water drums is required.

The Sensor Direct Piping Standing Dispenser has multiple key features worth noting. The first feature is the instalment of four filters in one dispenser, including a Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Ultrafiltration, and Alkaline Filter. This device is also customisable with a non-Alkaline option available.  This device also includes a safety lock for hot water.

Sensor Standing Water Dispenser (Bottom-Load)

The next device we would like to recommend is the Sensor Standing Water Dispenser (Bottom-Load). Similarly, this device is sensor activated which minimises contact. The 33 x 36 x 110cm system has a similar modern and sleek design as the Sensor Direct Piping Standing Dispenser.

The big difference between these two devices is the bottom-load. This would require the replacement of the water drum when it is finished. However, due to its practical design, replacing the water drum is no hassle, as you can easily put it back from the bottom of the dispenser. The reason you might consider the bottom-load is because the device can be placed anywhere in the room as long as a power source is available. It also requires very little maintenance as the water in the bottle is already filtered.

When you have decided on your decision, installation of the device should never be a hassle. Purchasing with AmGlow will include free installation, delivery, and one year warranty.

It is definitely okay to be picky when it comes to selecting the perfect water dispenser for your home or/ and office needs. Picking the right water dispenser with ideal features is important for a sustainable and satisfying purchase. With a whole range of filtration options for safety, along with convenient heating and cooling features, you will definitely find the right water dispenser to suit your specific needs.



Based on 166 reviews
Sherry Tai
Sherry Tai
Purchased 4-stage under sink filter and I was satisfied with their service. The water tastes good and it helps with my bowel movement 😅
Ayfa Ayla
Ayfa Ayla
The chilled water option on my Contour 7 is a game-changer, especially for making quick iced teas! It’s a must-have for any Singaporean household who loves cold beverages! Highly recommend!
Tiffany Ang
Tiffany Ang
Simply love how the contour 7 fits seamlessly into our compact home, providing us with cold water without taking up much space!
Wong Liyong
Wong Liyong
Always nice to go home to chilled water when I get home. Really happy that I got the contour 7 instead of just a normal water purifier.
hehe tan
hehe tan
Set up for contour 7 was quick and straightforward. Technician was very helpful in suggesting the best place to place the faucet too!

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