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AmGlow Water Dispensers Are The Future of Hydration

September 06,2023

Have you ever been in the middle of a conference call and found yourself thirsty but unable to find a cup or glass to quench your thirst? Maybe you just don’t like the taste of tap water. If so, we have the solution: standing water dispensers or bottled water dispensers in Singapore.

Water dispenser for office in Singapore or bottled water dispensers in Singapore are an ingenious solution to keeping hydrated while on the job. The water dispenser is equipped with a wide mouth spout which allows you to fill up your favourite mug or tumbler with ease.

There are numerous advantages to using standing water dispensers or bottled water dispensers in the office:

  1. They are easy to use and are great for offices because they don’t require any installation. They can be placed anywhere in the office because they don’t require electricity or plumbing connections as traditional coolers do. All you need is space for them. If one becomes damaged or breaks down, you can easily replace it with another one because they’re inexpensive compared to other types of dispensers
  2. They are more environmentally friendly. When you purchase an office water dispenser in Singapore, you reduce the amount of plastic waste that must be discarded at the end of each day. This is because, instead of purchasing bottled water and disposing of disposable bottles on a daily basis, you will be using a reusable container that can be refilled with filtered water as needed. The amount of trash that must be discarded every day is significantly reduced.
  3. Using an office water dispenser in Singapore can save your company money in the long run because they require less cleaning than traditional water coolers, which means fewer cleaning chemicals or filters will be required.
  4. It is far safer to drink fresh water from a bottled water dispenser. You won’t have to worry about people drinking from the same cup all day, which can spread germs if they don’t wash their hands afterwards.
  5. What’s more, installing a standing water dispenser for office in Singapore promotes health in your workplace. Regular drinking of water has been shown to improve concentration and memory, as well as boost energy levels.

Our floor standing water dispensers in Singapore are the perfect way to provide clean, fresh water to your employees throughout the day. They’re easy to use, convenient, and come with a variety of different options that can help you customize your work as needed.

Having a floor standing water dispenser in Singapore can improve employee health by reducing the risk of dehydration and other common illnesses that can be caused by drinking from an unsanitary fountain or sink. They also enable you to provide your employees with a variety of different water consumption options.

When you’re looking for an office water dispenser, you want something that’s going to be safe and hygienic, and keep contact to the minimum. You also want an office water dispenser that’s modern and sleek, and that offers hot and cold water available anytime. You’re not looking for a replacement for your water drums, either. You just want a convenient way to get water whenever you need it.

We at AmGlow understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of office water dispensers in multiple sizes and configurations so you can get exactly what you need without having to compromise on quality or performance.

One of our best-selling office water dispensers is the Sensor Direct Piping Standing Dispenser.

This dispenser is sensor activated, so it knows when you’re near it and can give you access to cold or hot water as quickly as possible. It’s also touchless, so no more worrying about germs on your handle as you fill up your cup or glass with water. And what’s even cooler? This dispenser comes with four filters in on. That means there are fewer parts to replace and fewer chances for contamination. So what could be better than that?

And if those weren’t enough reasons to consider this product, here are two more: the ergonomic height makes it easy for anyone in your family (even those who are shorter) to access the water at any time, and the price is incredibly affordable.

The Sensor Standing Water Dispenser (Bottom-Load) is another sensor-activated, touchless water dispenser that our customers adore. It is the perfect addition to any home and office.

With a modern and sleek design, the Sensor Standing Water Dispenser (Bottom-Load) will fit seamlessly into your kitchen decor. It’s safe and hygienic, keeping contact to a minimum and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The hot/cold water available anytime is great for any family member who wants their own drink at any time of day. The dispenser has a safety lock for hot water so you don’t have to worry about your children burning themselves by accidentally turning on the hot water tap.

The sensor-activated dispenser is easy to use. Just wave your hand over the sensor for cold or hot water and requires no contact with hands that have touched other areas in order to operate it. This means there is less risk of cross-contamination when using this dispenser compared to other models on the market today!

The ergonomic height makes it easy for everyone in your family, regardless of age or ability levels, to access their own personal drink without having to bend down or reach up high onto an old-fashioned spout-style faucet which can cause back pain or muscle strain over time if used frequently enough over many years

AmGlow water dispensers are the future of hydration. They’re sleek, they’re stylish, and they’re designed to make your water taste better. Are you ready to get the most out of your water?



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Been using this for a week, all's good and smooth.
Wan Ting
Wan Ting
Happy with this purchase! Nice design! :)
joel tan
joel tan
Excellent quality and value for money
Mya See Toh
Mya See Toh
I love the convenience of the Contour
Thime de C
Thime de C
An AmGlow water dispenser is a must-have for every household. The dispenser performs perfectly, and the process of installation was easy. Your promptness and professionalism in rendering service are greatly appreciated.
Freya Lim
Freya Lim
Since I've been using AmGlow's water dispenser for a year, I've been amazed by their staff's professionalism. The dispenser works well, and the installation went without a hitch. It provides clear, crisp water and has excellent hot and cold options. I have faith in AmGlow to provide high-quality products and services.

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