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Many of us may take the quality of water for granted, especially living in Singapore where tap water is safe for drinking. However, if you live in a typical Singaporean household, chances are you still boil your water before drinking it. While boiling water is a sufficient way of getting rid of most germs, you may still find traces of chlorine, lead, and mercury, chemicals that do not go away even after boiling.

This is why for many of us, a reliable water filter is essential for our home. It is an inexpensive yet hugely impactful investment, making sure it gives you and your family an enjoyable and safe drinking experience.

We understand that making the switch to filtered drinking water can be overwhelming when we consider our lifestyle, kitchen layout, convenience, and the variety of key features and brands. In this article, we curate our top picks of AmGlow on some of our favorite under sink water filters in Singapore to support your access to clean and safe water.

Under sink vs. Counter top water filters

Under sink water filters

Under sink water filters are filters that are installed underneath your sink to filter your water for drinking, cooking, and more. They are relatively easy to install which is why this type of filter is popular among homeowners. Here are some pointers to think about when you are considering this type of filter. One of the most attractive reasons for installing an under sink filtration system is because it is out of sight. Since these are installed underneath your sink and in a cabinet, they are out of sight and off your countertop. This is great if you have limited kitchen top space.  Furthermore, they also don’t take up any space in your refrigerator since the filters attach directly to your water lines. Another advantage of being directly attached to your water lines is a faster water flow and convenience. This means that you do not have to constantly refill your pitcher.

Other considerations may include installation. Depending on the type of sink filter, most would need an installation of a dedicated faucet. Lastly, the price of under sink water filters in Singapore tends to be more expensive compared to countertop water filters since they usually offer more powerful filtration. It is important to consider your unique filtration needs to determine which system is best for you.

Counter top water filters

Compared to under sink water filters, a countertop water filter requires very little assembly or installation, and some are ready to go from the moment you unbox them. Another advantage is its portability since they do not need any permanent installation. Lastly, as mentioned earlier, countertop water filters tend to be more affordable than Under sink water filters.

However, one drawback is its bulkiness. A countertop filter would sit on your counter, which means it takes up space. If you are someone who wants a clutter-free countertop, you may want to look into under sink filters instead.

If you are still opting for an under sink filtration system, here are three different types of home water filtration systems from AmGlow that may suit you and your family’s needs.

All of AmGlow’s home water filtration systems have undergone rigorous testing by independent bodies such as NSF and SGS. Additionally, all of them include a sediment filter, a granular activated carbon filter, a carbon block filter, and a post-carbon filter.

4 Stage Under sink Water Filter Systems

This 4 Stage Under sink Water Filter System provides you with the necessary features needed in an under sink water filter system. This fully cleans your water to the highest standard, eliminating 99% of all contaminants including chlorine, bacteria, harmful metals/ nonmetals, and other minute contaminants. Even while doing this, AMF filters can help regain optimum pH through calcite and help to bring some good minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

This is suitable for someone practical, fuss-free, and appreciates the necessary key features. Additional special features are not vital.

5 Stage Under sink Water Filter System

The 5 Stage Under sink Water Filter System is said to not only clean and purify the water, but also add minerals to the water, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. This can get you the most out of ordinary water.

6 Stage Under sink Water Filter System

The AmGlow’s 6 Stage Under sink Water Filter System is the most advanced and state-of-the-art system among the three presented here. In this system, AmGlow’s proprietary Ultra filtration technology is used to remove all possible microorganisms resulting in the purest form of water. This is in addition to the alkaline demineralization filter.

Even with the purest form of water, you will still get to enjoy beneficial ionised minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Furthermore, you also get the benefits of alkaline water including the improvement of bone health, due to the contribution of calcium, the ability to soothe acid reflux, as well as reducing high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Purchasing one of these devices will present you with a complimentary luxury gooseneck faucet. All AmGlow’s products are completely free of lead or BPA, providing optimum purification and security in the knowledge that no harmful contaminants will ever reach your body.

We also understand that depending on your comfort level with household projects, you may not be comfortable installing your Under sink Water Filter System on your own, which may require disconnecting water lines underneath your sink or potentially drilling a hole in your sink or countertop. This is why AmGlow includes free installation in your home as well as free delivery within 24 hours of your purchase. Because customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, AmGlow also provides a one-year warranty.

Choosing the perfect water filtration may seem overwhelming at first, but it does not have to be. Take the time to select the right system for your home needs because picking the right water filter system with ideal features is important for a sustainable and satisfying purchase. With a whole range of filtration options for safety, along with health features, you will find the right water filtration system to suit your specific needs.

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