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The Importance of a Water Filtration System for Your Home

September 06,2023

Water is a necessity for every living being on this planet to go about our daily lives, yet we don’t stop to consider where it is being sourced from or the quality of it. This is especially the case living in Singapore where tap water is safe for drinking.

However, for many, tap water is deemed undrinkable and this is where a trusty water filtration system is needed. Generally, a reliable water filtration system should provide you with consistent access to clean water that is free of contaminants. Without such a system, there is the risk of becoming ill from contaminated water. Though our tap water is safe for drinking in Singapore, chances are your household still boils your water before drinking it just to get rid of remaining traces of germs and possibly to make it taste better. Even after boiling, you may still find small amounts of chlorine, lead, and mercury, chemicals that do not go away.

There are different types of water filtration systems in the market, but they generally have similar purification processes involving straining the water to get rid of harmful chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and other particles that may contaminate the water. The main purpose of the system is to prevent water-related illnesses and diseases. This is important, especially if you have Infants, elderly adults, and people with poor immune systems living in your house since they can be more susceptible to experiencing adverse effects due to contaminated water from the tap.

Bringing greater convenience to your home

Even when tap water is safe for drinking, we can all agree that we still prefer boiling our water and waiting to let it cool before drinking, and this takes time. With a water filter for home, we can save tons of time. An Under sink Water Filter System allows us to get fresh drinking water just by turning on the tap, and the volume of water needed is not limited by the size of our kettle.

An under sink water filter like AmGlow’s 6 Stage Undersink Water Filter System is installed underneath your sink to filter your water for drinking, cooking, and more. They are relatively easy to install which is why this type of filter is popular among home owners. They are also great if you have limited kitchen space because they are out of sight and off your countertop. If you are looking for greater benefits other than convenience, this water filtration system has proprietary Ultrafiltration technology that is used to remove all possible microorganisms resulting in the purest form of water. This is in addition to the alkaline remine ralisation filter.

We can understand if the process of installation overwhelms you. Even if you are hiring a professional to install it for you, considering the installation of a dedicated faucet is a commitment. If you are looking for a solution that is immediately implementable and requires very little installation, a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser may be what you are looking for. Even though this system is bulkier than an under sink water filter, the AmGlow Touch screen Table top Hot & Cold Water Dispenser is a beautiful addition to your kitchen with its dark, sleek design and its ergonomics. Enjoy both hot and cold water at a touch of a button, allowing you to make your cup of tea much faster, and giving you more time to relax and enjoy your drink.

A water dispenser can also instantly provide you with cold water, the best thing on a warm and humid day in Singapore.

Making the most out of your water

As mentioned above, there tend to be traces of germs and minerals in tap water even though it may be safe for drinking. Singapore’s tap water contains minuscule levels of minerals such as iron and manganese. There are also chemicals that the water supplier must add, like chlorine to kill viruses and germs that could potentially make people sick. Even though chlorine is needed, it is not favourable to consume. Some consumers are concerned about these facts when it comes to their health, or may just feel like the slight smell and taste of chlorine in their drinking water is unpleasant. Whatever the case is, water filter systems like AmGlow’s take care of these concerns.

AmGlow’s water filters generally have a four-stage filtration process.

The first stage includes a sediment filter. What this filter does is remove suspended material like sand, silt, loose scale, clay, or organic material from water. These materials can be the cause of cloudiness in the water. Sediment filters also can remove insoluble iron and manganese.

The second stage is a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter. This filter generally uses organic carbon filtration media including wood, coconut shells, coal, or peat — used for water purification. What this filter does is remove certain chemicals, particularly organic contaminants and chemicals that produce odors or tastes in water such as hydrogen sulfide or chlorine.

The third stage is a carbon block filter. This filter is made of the same material as GAC filters, but this one is made of loose carbon that has been compressed. We use both in the filtration process due to many beneficial reasons. The most important reason is how a carbon block filter is extremely effective in filtering out a variety of contaminants including very small contaminants which may not be sieved out by the GAC filter.

The fourth stage is a post-carbon filter. This filter functions to provide an additional layer of protection and to clean the water that passes through the system. Though they are an optional feature, many people opt to have them included because of their effectiveness. Generally, they remove chlorine, chemicals, and smaller particles left by the other filters.

If you are looking for even greater benefits, AmGlow’s fifth and sixth under sink water filter system also replaces the harmful contaminants with beneficial ionised minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, giving you the most out of ordinary water.

Understanding your needs

At Amglow, we have an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of having a steady supply of purified water for a lifetime.

Shopping for your ideal water filter system and water dispenser is a piece of cake at Amglow. You can easily find our water filters online and have them delivered and installed within 24 hours of your purchase, free of charge. If you have further enquiries, you can email us at: or contact us at +65 8790 2885.



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Sherry Tai
Sherry Tai
Purchased 4-stage under sink filter and I was satisfied with their service. The water tastes good and it helps with my bowel movement 😅
Ayfa Ayla
Ayfa Ayla
The chilled water option on my Contour 7 is a game-changer, especially for making quick iced teas! It’s a must-have for any Singaporean household who loves cold beverages! Highly recommend!
Tiffany Ang
Tiffany Ang
Simply love how the contour 7 fits seamlessly into our compact home, providing us with cold water without taking up much space!
Wong Liyong
Wong Liyong
Always nice to go home to chilled water when I get home. Really happy that I got the contour 7 instead of just a normal water purifier.
hehe tan
hehe tan
Set up for contour 7 was quick and straightforward. Technician was very helpful in suggesting the best place to place the faucet too!

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